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bungee fitness Massachusetts

Bungee Fitness is becoming really popular on social media. People all over are sharing fun videos of dancing with a bungee cord. It’s becoming a trend worldwide, and many are excited to try this unique fun

But did you know, Bungee Fitness goes beyond just fun? It’s a complete cardio workout that helps with weight loss and shapes your body faster. This workout is gentle on your joints but intense in a good way, focusing on core muscles. You can even add weights while jumping for an extra challenge, improving your stamina, endurance, and strength.

Now, let’s talk about Bungee Fitness Studios in Massachusetts, USA. we’ll discover where they are, the classes they offer, pricing, and schedules. Before we get started, remember that there’s some false info on the internet about studios that do not offer bungee classes anymore. Stick with us for up-to-date information as we explore the world of Bungee Fitness in Massachusetts.

Best Studios for Bungee Fitness Massachusetts

The state of famous Harvard and MIT, Massachusetts is loved by everyone, from natives to foreigners. People in Massachusetts find a place to effectively shape their bodies while managing their daily tasks. The presence of a novel fitness regimen is a blessing for them to remain fit and healthy in short sessions on a bungee rather than hours of cardio in the gyms. So, let’s find the best Bungee Fitness Massachusetts studios.

Exercise in Disguise Fitness 

True to its name, this unique studio is a hub of fitness enthusiasts, offering innovative workout techniques for the people of Springfield, Massachusetts. From basic to advanced, they provide various bungee dancing sessions for every individual. So, if you haven’t tried sling bungee yet, this is a perfect place to begin. The one-hour bungee sessions are supervised by experienced instructors, making it an ideal starting point for those new to sling bungee. 

bungee workout Massachusetts

Bungee Bootcamp: 

Moving to a level above, here comes the bungee bootcamp. This 30-minute advanced session is for those who have taken at least 3 bungee classes and want to master the art of bungee dancing.

Private Lessons and Parties:

The studio offers more than just classes; it’s a venue for celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, you can enjoy private classes or organize fun parties at Exercise in Disguise Fitness, making your special occasions truly memorable.

Additional Aerial Workouts:

Besides Bungee Fitness, the studio provides other aerial workouts, including aerial hammock, trampoline, Zumba, and yoga sessions. This variety ensures that you stay fit and have fun while burning calories.


Let’s hear from customers about their experience at Exercise in Disguise Fitness:

“Jade is a superb instructor, a master of aerial workouts. Her training is result-oriented, covering not just bungee but also hammock and Zumba” – Caroline.

“This studio is great! I had a wonderful time in Springfield with Jade, the instructor. She is an amazing woman with expertise in bungee exercises. I’ll surely visit again” – Tina.

Pricing & Memberships:

Let’s have a look at the prices of the drop-in class and memberships:

Classes Prices Remarks
Drop-In $16 Single class
10 Classes Pass $105 90 days expiration
Unlimited Monthly $95/ month Minimum 3-month contract

Contact Information:

Phone # 413-342-0650 | Email: [email protected]

Location: 143 Main Street Suite 204, Springfield, Ma

Now that we’ve covered the premier Bungee Fitness studio in Massachusetts, let’s explore other aerial workout clubs. While these clubs don’t primarily focus on bungee, they occasionally incorporate it through workshops. Additionally, their other aerial fitness exercises provide results and enjoyment similar to bungee workouts.

Swet Studio

In Boston, MA, Swet Studio stands out as another fantastic aerial fitness spot that welcomes both adults and kids. This studio offers exciting activities for kids aged 6-12. Suspended with a hammock, children can enjoy exercises that promote their growth while taking a break from screens.

Swet Studio provides various aerial workouts, including Aerial Pilates, Aerial Core, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Barre, and Aerial Fit exercises using the hammock. These activities not only increase strength and flexibility but also bring a sense of relaxation to the body. 


Emily Paris shared her experience, saying, “Swet Studio is a great place. You don’t feel like you’re working out, yet the results are unbelievable. I’ll surely visit again.”

Schedule & Pricing:

Sessions at Swet Studio start at $90 for a 50-minute session. The studio operates every day of the week. For bookings and more details, reach out using the contact information below:

Contact Information:

Phone # (617)670-0631 | Email: [email protected]

Location: 480 Tremont St, Boston, MA.

Baare Groove Studio

Moving on to the third aerial studio in Boston, we have Baare Groove Studio. This unique studio specializes in Bounce and various dancing and jumping cardio workouts, providing a significant boost to your core muscles and helping shape your body. 

One of its standout offerings is Trampoline Twerk, a 45-minute session that combines dancing and bouncing on the trampoline while wearing your jumpsuit, delivering an intense cardio workout.


Baare Groove Studio is proud to have experienced instructors like Alana, Emily, Cassandra, Paris, and others. Under their supervision, your workout becomes not just fun but also highly productive.


Let’s hear what customers have to say about Baare Groove:

Stephanie Alibrandi shares, “Baare Groove is the best in bounce and dance exercise. If you’re looking to have fun while working out, this is the place for you.”

Lan Ha highly recommends the studio, saying, “Baare Groove is an exceptional studio. Alana, Miranda, and the team give their best to make your exercise enjoyable.”

Contact Information: 

Phone # 617-741-3600 | Email: [email protected]

Location: Baare Groove has three branches in Boston, MA:

Studio Address
Downtown Studio (DTX) 52 Province Street Suite 307
Boston, MA
Back Bay Studio at Lululemon Newbury 208 Newbury Street, Unit 206
Boston, MA
Bijou (Club) 51 Stuart Street
Boston, MA

Love Pole Fitness

The final addition to our list of aerial fitness options in Massachusetts is Love Pole Fitness. This studio specializes in Pole fitness at levels 1, 2, and 3, along with Aerial arts exercise. Situated in Millis, Love Pole Fitness & Aerial Arts could become your preferred destination for an enjoyable cardio workout.


Tobin leads the workout sessions along with her team, including Meridith, Lainee, and Jane.


Let’s hear what clients have to say about Love Pole Fitness:

Annalee Catherine expresses, “Love Pole is my second home, and I live 30 minutes away. That’s how much I love it. The instructors are all so helpful, and the space is clean and well-kept.”

Angelina Ford shares, “I went to Love Pole and had a great time! Tobin was very welcoming and encouraging. She was thorough in her teaching style, making it a positive experience. Highly recommend trying it out.”

Schedule & Pricing:

For drop-in classes, Pole fitness costs $30, and Aerial arts costs $35. If you’re interested in a subscription, they offer better rates. Classes are available throughout the week, and Love Pole Fitness also provides private parties at reasonable rates.

Contact Information:

Phone # +1 508-507-1877 | Email: [email protected]

Location: 27 Milliston Rd. , Millis, MA, United States, Massachusetts

Wrapping Up!

Massachusetts has embraced exciting and new workout adventures, putting Bungee Fitness in the spotlight. People’s stories and feedback show it’s not just about getting fit but also about having fun and feeling part of a community at these special fitness spots. As fitness keeps changing, Massachusetts stays a go-to place for those wanting a workout that works and is enjoyable. So, reach new heights, and let Bungee Fitness guide you to a healthier, livelier lifestyle.

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