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bungee fitness italy

A country renowned for its rich cultural heritage and artistic flair, is now embracing a fitness revolution that defies gravity. Bungee Fitness Italy is the latest fitness trend that has captivated thousands of enthusiasts in Italian cities due to its amazing health & fitness benefits. 

Across the beautiful landscapes of Roma, the bustling streets of Milano, and the historic charm of Torino, innovative fitness studios are introducing enthusiasts to the exhilarating world of Bungee Fitness in Rome, Milan & other cities.

Top 5 Bungee Fitness Italy Studios

This article will guide you through the insights of bungee dancing studios across the country. We will discuss the classes, schedules, pricing, and also present some client feedback to provide you with a genuine review of these studios.

Bungee Fitness Milano (Milan)

Studio Name: Bungee Fly

Location: via Volontari del Sangue 38 in Cologno Monzese

bungee fitness milan

Class Description: Founded in July 2017 by professional dancer Camilla Lucchini, Bungee Fly brings a new perspective to fitness and dance. Using elastic cords and harnesses, participants can jump, kick, dance, and fly, experiencing the unique sensation of weightlessness and flying like a superhero.

Instructors: Led by CEO and founder Camilla Lucchini, Bungee Fly is a team of professionals specializing in different aspects of the discipline. The brand has expanded internationally, making it a leader in the field.

  1. Bungee Fly: A suspension discipline blending fun and training, suitable for all fitness levels.
  2. Training Courses: Bungee Fly provides comprehensive training courses for instructors, ensuring the method can be shared globally.
  3. Effects: Fit Fun & Fly: Burn up to 1,000 calories per class, strengthen your core, and enhance overall fitness.

Testimonials: Participants express their gratitude, with Arru Andrea stating, “An experience to be repeated. We warmly thank Camilla for guiding and accompanying us on this beautiful journey.”

Plans & Pricing: The cost structure varies based on the participant’s status:

bungee training cost in Milan

Workshop Timings:

  • Basic Module: 3.00 pm – 4.30 pm
  • Dance Module: 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm

Contact Information: 

Phone # +39 327 0887562

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: www.bungeedancefly.it 

Bungee Fitness Roma

“The same franchise, ‘’Bungee Fly’’ organizes bungee programs at various locations, including Rome, Giovinazzo, and others.”

Location: via Valdinievole in the Montesacro area

Il numero di Marisa per info e prenotazioni : 339 751 1529

Bungee Fitness Torino (Turin)

Studio Name: Yogando Studio

Location: via Bardonecchia 135/E – 2nd Floor, Turin

bungee fitness roma

Class Description: Bungee Dance and Fly is a groundbreaking motor discipline that uses a harness and elastic cord, sculpting muscles while avoiding traditional impacts. This high-performance aerobic and cardio workout takes you through dynamic movements on different planes and axes, promoting resistance, equilibrium, and, most importantly, enjoyment.

Instructors: Yogando Studio boasts highly qualified instructors with National and International Certifications, ensuring a safe and effective Bungee Fitness experience. The team brings years of proven experience to guide members through this unique fitness journey.

  • Bungee Dance and Fly: Suitable for beginners and offered at various times throughout the week.
  • Bungee Kids: A fun-filled session designed for children to unleash their energy and creativity.

Testimonials: Lisa Bragagnolo shares her experience, stating, “It’s a lot of fun and a comprehensive workout. I’ll come here again”

Plans & Pricing: Yogando Studio offers competitive pricing, with package options for different lesson durations. Contact the studio to get detailed information on pricing and available packages.

Day Time Class
Monday 6.00pm – 7.00pm Children
Tuesday 8.00pm – 9.00pm Beginners
Thursday 8.00pm – 9.00pm Beginners
Saturday 12.15pm – 1.15pm Beginners
Contact Information:
Phone # +39 333 3703799
Official Website: www.yogando.it  

Bungee Fitness Trento, Italy

Studio Name: BDF Bungee Dance Fly Studio

Location: Piazza della portella 11 Trento

Bungee Fitness Torino

Class Description: Experience the thrill of jumping, kicking, and flying with the support of an elastic band and harness at Bungee Dance Fly. The bungee classes are held every Wednesday at 8:00 PM and on Fridays upon request. This unique workout not only strengthens your core and muscles but also provides a sense of flying and weightlessness.

Instructors: Fabio & Gloria are the qualified instructors for the bungee sessions at the BDF Studio. The team is dedicated to making fitness effective and enjoyable for everyone.

Programs: BDF offers three distinctive programs for different goals.
  1. Bungee Dance Fly: A program suitable for all fitness levels, ensuring an immediate and enjoyable experience.
  2. Training Courses: BDF Studio offers training courses for aspiring instructors, providing them with the skills to teach this innovative fitness method.
  3. Personal Training: Tailored private lessons for enthusiasts and future instructors are available by appointment.

Testimonials: Fabio & Gloria, both are remarkable professionals, “I hope to meet you again soon.” – Ste Fanny

Plans & Pricing: For detailed pricing information on classes, training courses, and personal training sessions, visit the official BDF Bungee Dance Fly Studio website.

Contact Information:
WhatsApp: +39 333 766 0061
Official Website: www.bungeedancefly.it

Bungee Fitness Osimo, Italy 

Studio Name: Olistica Salus

Location: via san gennaro 28, Osimo

Class Description: Located in Osimo, Italy, this wellness haven invites individuals to experiment and work with their bodies through Bungee Fitness. In addition to other fitness workouts, this studio has started bungee classes now. 

Instructors: The expert instructors at Olistica Salus include:
  • Fabiana Baleani
  • Angelo Bersacchia
  • Alessandro Castorina
  • Anna Donnici

Programs: Olistica Salus offers diverse Bungee Fitness programs suitable for all levels. Experience the joy of fitness while suspended in the air, supported by professional harnesses.

Testimonials: “A sensational place, open to all those who want to experiment and work with their body. The staff is very competent, professional, and fun-loving.” Fabiana Baleani

Plans & Pricing: For detailed pricing information, contact Olistica Salus directly through WhatsApp at +39 338 177 0012.

Contact Information:
WhatsApp: +39 338 177 0012
Official website: www.olisticasalus.com

Note: The class schedule of every bungee fitness studio in Italy changes week in and week out. So, before planning for any session, make sure to check their websites or social media handles for the current timings.


In the vibrant landscape of Bungee Fitness Italia, these studios offer a diverse range of experiences, from the breathtaking flights at Bungee Fly to the well-rounded programs at Yogando Studio. Whether you’re in Roma, Milano, or Torino, there’s a Bungee Fitness adventure waiting for you. Dive into the world of aerial fitness, strengthen your core, and experience the joy of flying—all while achieving your fitness goals!

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