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Bungee fitness portland

Bungee fitness is an emerging fitness phenomenon that combines the fun of dancing and core workouts with the help of a bungee cord and a sling, mounted on the roof. Originating from Thailand, this workout has been instrumental in enhancing dance practices and preventing muscle fatigue.

This workout allows you to push hard without putting excessive pressure on your knees. It has gained popularity worldwide, especially among women, due to its benefits in weight loss, strength building, and recovery after injuries or pregnancy.

Bungee Fitness Benefits

Before checking out the studios, let’s read some benefits of this fun activity. Bungee fitness offers numerous benefits:

  • Low Impact: Reduces stress on your knees and joints, making it suitable for people with previous injuries.
  • Weight Loss: High-intensity workouts help burn calories and shred excess fat.
  • Strength Building: Enhances muscle strength, especially in the core, legs, and arms.
  • Fun and Engaging: Combines dancing with exercise, making workouts enjoyable.
  • Recovery Aid: Assists in physical recovery post-injury or pregnancy, thanks to its low-impact nature.

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Bungee Fitness Portland Studios

Known for its parks, bridges, and bicycle paths, Portland boasts numerous fitness centers across the city. The latest sensation captivating many enthusiasts is the novel bungee workout regime. In this article, we’ll explore the best Bungee Fitness franchise in Portland.

We’ll walk around the studios, experience the thrill of bungee workouts with experienced instructors, and hear what customers have to say about the environment and facilities. So, let’s dive in!

X Gravity Fitness

Location: 125 John Roberts Rd #17, South Portland

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X Gravity Fitness offers Bungee Fitness at five locations across the United States, including one in South Portland. It caters to all sizes and fitness levels, using ASTRO-Durance Bungee Systems with a weight limit of 90 to 400 pounds. Teens and adults are both warmly welcomed at this club. You are advised to wear yoga pants and a dry-fit shirt, and always bring a water bottle because you’ll sweat a lot while shredding excess fat.

After an introductory class of around 1 hour, regular bungee dancing classes run for 30 minutes each, providing a high-intensity workout with a highly experienced instructor.

Meet the Instructors:

Ben is the bungee dancing instructor at this fitness facility. She has extensive experience in yoga and dance fitness.


“I grabbed a group of friends and signed up to finally check out the bungee class. We all loved it. Ben was super friendly, knowledgeable, and funny. Made the class even more enjoyable.” – Becky Cates from Augusta.

“Went to my first class tonight with my daughter and a friend and oh my goodness it was so much fun!! I don’t think I’ve laughed like that in a long time, even though mostly at myself.” – Courtney Poland.


Let’s look out at the pricing of enjoying a bungee workout in Portland. 

Class PackageValidityGeneral Items LimitBeginner BungeeIntermediate BungeePrice
10 Classes – Showtime Athletics8 months101010$150
10 Classes – Next Generation Dance8 months101010$150
10 Classes – Port City Athletics8 months101010$200
10 Classes – Primal Fit8 months101010$150
20 classes – Flash sale1 year202020$200

Class Schedule:

This studio runs classes all days of the week according to the following schedule. However, online booking is a must for attending any class.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 207-441-5600

Official website: XGravityFitness

Recoil Gym

Location: 17030 SE 1st Street, Suite 101, Vancouver, WA 

Description: Recoil Gym is located just over the bridge in East Vancouver, a 12-minute drive from Portland, Oregon. A woman-owned club run by women, this gym welcomes everyone who weighs between 90-260 lbs and is above 13 years of age. You can enjoy bungee dancing at this studio through classes, bootcamp sessions, and private parties.

Classes: Recoil Gym offers bungee classes from levels 1 to 4, ranging from basic to advanced. These levels are designed with safety and footwork in mind for varying body types and flexibility. The more you learn, the higher you jump, and you can stick to whichever level gives you the most pleasure.

Bootcamp: This high-energy workout is for those with some bungee experience. Once you have established sufficient jumping skills after a certain level, you can join the specified bootcamp. It’s a place to showcase your skills and move to higher levels. For example, after level 1, you can join Bungee Boost. After level 2, you can enter the Bootcamp. After level 3, you are ready for the SweatFest class, and so on.

Private Parties: Last but not least, here’s the opportunity to have a blast with your friends and family on special occasions. It offers parties for all levels; if you haven’t tried bungee before, the instructor will teach an intro class before the party. You can book parties any time of the year, whether it’s for your own or your son/daughter’s birthday, a baby shower, or any other occasion.

Meet the Instructors: Krista is the owner and lead instructor at Recoil Studio. Dawn is an independent Certified Health Coach who assists Krista with bungee dancing and bootcamp sessions.

Testimonials: Here comes the most important part, where we gather real customers’ feedback to help you make an informed decision.

  • Jeri McLellen: “I highly recommend Recoil Gym for anyone seeking a low-impact workout with a significant positive effect on your outlook! The instruction is excellent, guiding you through every step. I’m 70 years old and would confidently recommend it to my friends.”
  • Lori Greenstone: “This is the most fun I’ve ever had working out; after all, who wouldn’t want to fly like an eagle or at least like Tinkerbell? Highly recommended.”

Contact Information:

Phone # +1 360-401-3339

Email: [email protected]

Official website: https://recoilgym.com/

Bungee Parties:

Bungee parties are a unique and exciting way to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, or team-building events. These parties allow you and your friends to experience the thrill of bungee fitness together in a fun, supportive environment. 

With upbeat music, professional instructors, and a focus on having a great time, bungee parties are perfect for creating memorable moments while staying active. Many studios offer customizable party packages to fit your group’s needs, ensuring a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

X Gravity and Recoil Gym both offer bungee parties where you can enjoy dancing and fun with your loved one. They announce party dates online on their social media handles. 

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Bungee Fitness is taking the world by storm, and Portland is no exception. With its unique combination of high-intensity workouts and fun, engaging routines, Bungee Fitness Portland offers a novel way to stay fit and healthy. The studios in Portland, like X Gravity and Recoil, provide exceptional facilities and experienced instructors to guide you through this exciting fitness journey.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build strength, or recover from an injury, Bungee Fitness caters to all your needs. Plus, with the added option of bungee parties, you can make your fitness experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

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