Bungee Fitness Louisiana – Best Bungee Studios Near You

Bungee Fitness Louisiana

Bungee Fitness is igniting a global fitness craze, captivating fitness fans across the globe with its exhilarating appeal. From viral social media videos showcasing participants soaring with bungee cords to the rise of indoor bungee fitness facilities, bungee exercise has quickly become a global sensation.

Health and wellness centers have embraced bungee workout as a lucrative business venture, leading to a surge in the number of bungee studios worldwide. Beyond the borders of the United States, countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain have also embraced this trend with enthusiasm.

In Louisiana, bungee workout facilities have made their mark in cities like Covington, Shreveport, and Bogalusa. In this article, we’ll explore the thriving indoor bungee fitness scene in Louisiana, focusing on studios where bungee dancing is not only available but also equipped with top-notch facilities for bungee lovers.

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Top Bungee Fitness Louisiana Studios

Renowned for its diverse culture, music, and cuisine, Louisiana embodies a zest for life. With an audience that values wellness and fitness, it’s no surprise that the state has warmly responded to the innovative workout trend of bungee fitness.

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at bungee fitness studios across the state, highlighting their offerings and facilities to cater to the needs of fitness enthusiasts. Get ready to dive into the world of bungee fitness right here in Louisiana!

Boujie Bungee Fitness Studio

Location: 17418 Coastal Blvd, Unit 103, Covington, LA

Let’s start with the most picturesque studio in town – Boujie Bungee Studio. Located on Coastal Boulevard, this studio provides a welcoming environment for everyone to achieve their fitness goals in a challenging and entertaining way. Their vision is to make health and wellness accessible to everyone regardless of age, color, or race.

Meet the Instructors:

Kay Loyd is the owner and head instructor at this club. She is assisted by other experienced bungee trainers including Julie Perilloux and Jennifer Hardin. With years of aerial workout and yoga experience, you’re in safe hands while dancing with the cord.

Bungee Programs:

Bouji Bungee caters to every level and offers specific programs for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. They offer level one, level two, and level three bungee classes that gradually increase the intensity of the workout and flying movements in each grade.

For those who have mastered these three levels, there’s the Pro technique waiting for them. Yes, introducing Bouji Strong: it combines bungee flying and dancing with dumbbells to increase endurance and strength.


Still unsure about hitting the bungee floor? Let’s hear from some real customers who experienced bungee dance at Bouji Bungee arena.

Lindsay Landry: “We had a blast doing this! We dressed up in 80s attire, worked out to 80s music, and had a ton of fun! It was a great workout without feeling exhausted afterward. I really enjoyed it! Oh, and I’d recommend asking for extra padding from the start if it’s rubbing your ribs. Highly recommend it, and I’m sure my friends do too!”

Julie Aucoin: “This class was an absolute blast! I got a full-body workout with minimal impact on my ankles and knees. Kay was incredibly helpful in getting started and learning the moves. I highly recommend it!”

Bungee Fitness Prices in Louisiana

Now, let’s move on to the main part – finances. Usually, these specialized exercises require special equipment which makes it expensive, but Bouji has made it quite reasonable. The following table will show you the actual class pricing for each session and private bookings.

Class NameDescriptionPrice
Bungee BasicsBasic intro class covering fundamental techniques.
Must be taken three times before Lift Off.
Lift OffNext step after Bungee Basics, focuses on skill
progression and cardio.
Boujie StrongIncorporates light weight dumbbells for full-body
cardio and training.
Bad and BoujieCovers advanced flying techniques and
choreographed routines.
Aerial YogaAerial fitness for all ages and body types, focusing on flexibility and strength.$20.00

If you’re looking for multiple classes membership, the package are as follows:

  • Package for 3 Classes: $55.00
  • Package for 6 Classes: $95.00
  • Package for 11 Classes: $150.00

Additionally, private parties and birthday parties are available, accommodating up to 8 guests. For more information on private events, customers can call or message the facility.

Contact Information:
Phone # 985-400-8511

Website: www.boujiebungeefitness.com

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Fly by You Bungee Fitness

Location: 14295 LA-21, Bogalusa, LA

Next on our list of Bungee Fitness studios in Louisiana is the pulsating Fly By You Bungee Fitness, situated along Highway 21. This studio offers an adrenaline-pumping full-body bungee workout set to the upbeat rhythms of pop music. With its sleek black-themed interior exuding a lively dance vibe, you’re bound to have a fantastic time, whether you’re flying solo or with a group.

Meet the Instructors:

Owned by the experienced Marsha Culpepper, Fly By You Bungee Fitness boasts a team of skilled trainers including Claire Jenkins, Kayla Elieff, and Marsha herself.

Bungee Programs:

Similar to other studios, Fly By You Bungee Fitness offers three distinct levels, ranging from Intro to Bungee to Level 1 and Level 2, tailored to meet your fitness needs. The Intro to Bungee session is essential for newcomers to the experience.

Class Schedule:

The studio is open from Monday to Friday, offering flexible session booking throughout the week. For the latest schedule and class timing, you can visit their Facebook page or website. Additionally, you can also arrange private parties here to add a touch of bungee fun to your special occasions.

Bungee Class Pricing at Fly By You:

The table below illustrates the pricing plans offered by Fly By You Bungee for classes and private parties:

Pricing PlanDescriptionPriceValidity
Intro to BungeeMandatory of every newcomer.$10.00N/A
Single Bungee ClassOne-time class purchase.$15.00N/A
3 Class PackPackage of 3 classes.$40.001 month
5 Class PackPackage of 5 classes.$65.003 months
10 Class PackPackage of 10 classes.$100.004 months
20 Class PackPackage of 20 classes.$200.005 months
Frequent FlyerRecurring monthly plan, limited to 20 classes per month.$99.00Monthly
Unlimited Monthly plan with unlimited classes.$150.00Monthly
TabataSingle Tabata class purchase.$15.00N/A
Parties and Groups10 Participants for 2 hours10 Participants for 1 hour$200$120One time
Contact Information:
Phone # +1 985-464-7420

Website: www.flybyubungeefitness.com

Aerial Expressions Bungee

Location: 1240 Shreveport Barksdale Highway

Aerial Expressions is another dynamic bungee dancing arena located in the heart of Shreveport. Offering an all-in-one flying workout experience, this studio welcomes individuals of all ages and body types. With bungee harnesses available in waist sizes ranging from 22 to 55 inches, everyone between 18 and 80 years old, weighing between 80 to 300 pounds, can join in on the fun.

Bungee Programs:

At Aerial Expressions, you’ll find a variety of flying yoga exercises, including bungee. Their bungee programs are categorized into beginner and advanced levels. Additionally, you can also enjoy other aerial activities such as Hammock, Lyra, and Silk.


Tisha Jones expressed her view, “Bungee dance at Aerial Expressions is an absolute blast! Not only is it incredibly fun, but it’s also had a positive impact on my health. My blood pressure has improved significantly since I started. The instructor, Susie, is amazing. Her infectious energy and encouragement make every session enjoyable.”

Cassandra Sojka Wages arranged a party there and later on said, “I recently hosted my daughter’s birthday party at Aerial Expressions, and it was a huge hit! The staff went above and beyond to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all the kids. It was such a unique and active way to celebrate. My daughter and her friends had an absolute blast! Thank you, Aerial Expressions, for making her birthday unforgettable. We’ll be back for more fun!”

Bungee Pricing at Aerial Expressions:

You can choose from the following options based on your needs and fitness level.

Pricing OptionDescriptionPrice
Introductory Package2 classes for $25 per person$25.00
Single Drop-in FeeOne-time class purchase$25.00
5 Class PackagePackage of 5 classes$100.00
10 Class PackagePackage of 10 classes$175.00
Private Instruction1-hour private or semi-private instruction session$100.00

Book your class before visiting the studio using the following details:

Contact Information:
Telefonnummer: +49 176 34578388

Website: www.aerialexpressionsshreveport.com 

Final Verdict

Bungee Fitness Louisiana offers an exhilarating and inclusive workout experience for enthusiasts of all levels. With studios like Boujie Bungee Fitness, Fly By You, and Aerial Expressions, you can enjoy dynamic workouts tailored to your needs.

The glowing testimonials attest to the transformative benefits of bungee fitness, making it a fun and effective way to stay fit while fostering a supportive community. So whether you’re in Covington, Bogalusa, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, or New Orleans, join the bungee fitness revolution in Louisiana and experience the thrill of gravity-defying activity for yourself.

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