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bungee fitness houston

Have you ever wondered what it takes to achieve a fit and slim physique that turns heads wherever you go? It requires dedication, enthusiasm, and the willingness to embrace innovative workouts that set you apart from the crowd.

Bungee fitness Houston, the innovative HIIT workout technique, is one such fitness program in Houston that makes you sweat a lot but also leaves you feeling light on your feet. It’s more than just a workout; it’s an exhilarating adventure that combines the thrill of flying high with the benefits of a rigorous exercise routine.

However, navigating the world of indoor bungee fitness requires the sufficient space, right gears, and the guidance of a trained instructor to ensure safety and effectiveness. In Houston, you’ll find a variety of bungee jumping studios, each with its own unique offerings.

Top Bungee Fitness Houston Studios 

This comprehensive guide will take you through the bungee fitness locations not only in Houston but also in nearby cities in Texas. We’ll discuss the programs, timings, and backed by some of the real clients’ feedbacks. So, fasten your harness and get ready to start a fitness adventure in Texas.

1. Superior Fitness Studio

Location: 8830 Farm to Market Rd 3180 Suit 301C, Baytown TX

superior bungee fitness studio houston

Description of Class: Superior Bungee Fitness Houston Studio is the hub of 45 minutes long Bungee workout and Rebound exercises to burn calories instantly. It’s one of a kind in Houston that excels in such type of training. At Superior fitness, you may not participate if you’re above 300 lbs or below 90 lbs.

Instructors: Superior Bungee Fitness Houston studio has an incredible team of female trainers. From KK, the founder, to Nissi Jones, H. Outlaw, Cee and others. Everyone masters the art of Bungee and rebound and has a bundle of experience in teaching you right moves according to specific goals. 

Class Schedule: The class runs from 5:30 am to 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday and from 8:00 am to 12 pm on Saturday. Superior Bungee Fitness Houston studio is closed on Sundays. You can book any of the instructor’s classes after checking their availability on their official website.

Bungee Programs: Superior offers three programs of varying levels. Firstly, the Beginner Bungee, which is a prerequisite for all participants before progressing to any other program. Next is the Level Up Bungee, tailored for experienced flyers. The third option is Rebound, a 35-minute high cardio full-body workout suitable for all fitness levels.

Testimonials: Superior Bungee Fitness Houston facility has received a great deal of support from its clients. Data collected from various Social media channels indicates that people are satisfied with Superior’s classes, instructors, and equipment.

Plans & Pricing: Single person class starts with $25 and membership for 4 classes starts at $75 per month.

Contact Information: 

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: www.superiorfitstudio.com 

2. String Attached Bungee Fitness

Location: 5100 W Sublett Road, Suite 160 Arlington, TX

string attached bungee fitness texas

Description of Class: String Attached is a female-owned bungee dance gym in Arlington, catering to both male and females. They specialize in utilizing bungee for high-intensity aerobics, offering a comprehensive package that includes instructor training, top-quality equipment, and a well-equipped studio for all members.

Instructors: The team of fitness instructors at String Attached includes Michelle Smith, Haley, Katelyn, and others. They excel in training with cords and flying exercises, providing expert counseling to participants.

Class Schedule: The classes run from 9 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, offering different levels and durations to accommodate various fitness needs. You can book any of the instructor’s classes after checking their availability on the official website.

Bungee Programs: String Attached offers a range of programs, from Starter to advanced levels. These include Level-1, Level-2, and Level 2.5 classes for clients of varying expertise. Additionally, they provide Bootcamp and startup classes to suit individual preferences and fitness goals.

Contact Information: 
Phone # (+1) 214-838-1002
Official Website: www.stringsattachedbungeefitness.com 

3. Omg Bungee Fit 

Location: 5915 FM314, Ben Wheeler, TX 

Description of Class: Established in late 2022, OMG Bungee Fitness provides another excellent bungee class option for the residents of Ben Wheeler, Texas. This dance studio has a weight limit of 280 lbs and an age limit of 10 years, making it accessible to a wide range of participants.

Bungee Programs: At this facility, three distinctive programs are offered. Firstly, the Beginner Bungee, which is a mandatory starting point for all participants. Secondly, the Bungee Fit, an intermediate-level program tailored for fitness enthusiasts. Lastly, the Level 1 Bungee, a fast-paced program designed to enhance muscle strength and sculpt your body.

Instructors: The regular instructors at OMG Bungee Fit studio are Cheyenne and Denise.

Class Schedule: Please note that the schedule may change on a weekly basis. Therefore, it is advisable to confirm the current schedule by contacting the provided call or text number.

Testimonials: The customer reviews for OMG Bungee Fit studio are as follows: “My initial experience at OMG BUNGEE FITNESS was incredibly enjoyable. I joined a group of friends for the beginners’ class, and Cheyenne provided us with valuable information and assistance throughout the session.” – Joann Vicory.

“At 70 years of age, I find this to be an excellent cardiovascular workout that is gentle on the joints. The instructors are enjoyable, the music is fantastic, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both of the classes!” – Dana Oatley.

Contact Information:
Phone # 903-361-7171
Official Website: www.omgbungeefit.com 

Plans & Pricing: 

Membership TypePricePackage TypePriceOther OptionsPrice
4 Classes$504 Classes$60Single Class$20
8 Classes$808 Classes$100Private Party (Bungee Only)$150
Unlimited Classes$10010 Classes$125Private Party (Bungee + Selfie)$200

4. Bungee One 

Location: 2720 Western Center Blvd, Suite 320, Fort Worth, TX 

Description of Class: Bungee One is another top-quality bungee jumping studio in Texas, with a unique focus in different classes. Please note that participants at Bungee One should be above 15 years of age and have a weight between 90-260 lbs.

Class Schedule: Classes are held from Monday to Saturday every week. Follow their official site for this week’s bungee class schedule.

Bungee Programs: From Amateur to pro level, they have 7 different workout classes with and without bungee:

  • Intro to Bungee
  • Bungee Fit
  • Top Bungee
  • Fly Workshop 
  • Bungee Strong
  • Bounce (without bungee)
  • Kangoo jumps (without bungee)

Testimonials: Find out the feedback from clients who have experienced Bungee One studio here: 

Keely Milner Harris, “So fun and great workout.”

Angela Kay Mair, “The bungee workout at Bungee One studio is absolute fun.”

Plans & Pricing: The Intro to Bungee class is priced at $25, offering a starting point for your bungee workout journey. You can later explore various membership packages from their offerings.

Contact Information:
Phone # (+1) 817-383-2378
Official Website: www.bungeeonestudios.com

5. Time 2 Fly Fitness 

Location: 3965 Phelan Blvd, Ste. 108, Beaumont, TX 

Description of Class: Time 2 Fly Fitness stands as the sole male-run bungee fitness studio in Texas. They specialize in body-weight exercises and provide a diverse range of classes encompassing bungee dancing and Pole fitness. To join Time 2 Fly Fitness, participants must be 16 years or older.

Bungee Programs: Every new candidate at Time 2 Fly Fitness must begin with Level 1. Following that, they offer Bootcamp classes, Hip Hop fitness, and Strong by Zumba classes. So try out each program and see which one suits you best.

Instructors: The studio is led by instructors including Leon, Kaden, Sean, and four others. You can book classes according to the program and instructor availability.

Class Schedule: To access the current schedule and book your spot, download and install the Time 2 Fly Fitness App.

Plans & Pricing: Buy 1 class for $20 and get another Free. Other membership details can be found on their official website. 

Contact Information:
Phone # 409-203-5152
Official Website: www.time2flyfitness.com 

6. Texas Circus And Aerial

Location: MHLV – 7535 S Brentwood Blvd, Houston, TX

This is the studio that you’ll find at the top when searching for a bungee class in Houston, but let me tell you, this studio is now officially closed.

Contact Information:  (346)760-3517 / (832)235-5836

Please note that class timings at each of the above locations may vary based on demand and instructor availability. It is advisable to check their official website or social media profiles before planning your visit.


Houston has emerged as a hub of aerial workouts, especially Bungee Fitness. The increasing popularity of this fitness trend is attracting enthusiasts for its cardio benefits. It offers a dynamic and results-oriented approach to staying fit, making Bungee Fitness a standout choice in the heart of Houston.

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