Bungee Fitness in Los Angeles: Best Bungee Studios in LA, CA

bungee fitness los angeles

Bungee workout, or bungee fitness, has become a sensation across the United States, captivating fitness enthusiasts globally with its gravity-defying movements and exhilarating cardio benefits.

The trend has taken social media by storm, with everyone eager to try it. Beyond mere entertainment, bungee training offers a comprehensive cardiovascular exercise, with just 15 minutes on a bungee cord proving more effective than a traditional 45-minute cardio session. 

In this article, we’ll focus on how you can enjoy this workout right here in Los Angeles, CA. But before we jump into that, let’s address some common concerns. It can be challenging to perceive which studios are genuine bungee fitness providers and which may no longer offer the service. The misleading information on platforms like YELP and other websites led me to write this article for your ease.

Moving forward, we’ll provide in-depth insights into bungee classes, programs, pricing, schedules, locations, and the prerequisites for engaging in this unique form of exercise. So, buckle up as we dive into the exciting world of bungee fitness in Los Angeles.

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Bungee Fitness Los Angeles, California

Contrary to some online information, Los Angeles does not boast an abundance of bungee studios. Currently, there’s only one studio across LA that offers bungee workout classes, and we’ll explore it in detail.

Flying Yoga D&A

Location: 3275 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 205 Los Angeles

bungee workout los angeles

Class Description:

When it comes to bungee dancing in LA, the standout choice is Flying Yoga D&A. This studio is a hub for various aerial fitness practices, including Aerial yoga, Pole, Sound Bath, and Flying bungee. Whether you prefer private or group settings, Flying Yoga D&A has classes to suit your preferences. 

Experience bungee jumping under the guidance of experienced instructors, and for an added touch of enjoyment, bring your friends along. Don’t forget to pack your own towel and water bottle to stay hydrated, as these sessions are sure to make you break a sweat.

Apart from regular classes, Flying Yoga D&A provides an instructor training facility. If you own a gym and want to incorporate bungee fitness into your space, you can obtain your bungee instructor training certificate here. 

Testimonials for Flying Yoga D&A

Let’s go through some clients’ feedback to gauge whether taking a bungee class at Flying Yoga D&A is truly worth it. Araceli Anderson shared her experience, saying, “I will definitely take another class with Bungee Fitness. The instructor was amazing, encouraging, and patient, and we had a great time.” 

Renee Christiansen echoed the sentiment, stating, “It was really fun, and I’d definitely like to do it again. The teacher was excellent, too!” These positive testimonials highlight the enjoyable and encouraging atmosphere at Flying Yoga D&A, making it a promising choice for those considering bungee fitness in Los Angeles.

Ready to take on the sling bungee challenge? For bookings and the latest class schedule, visit Mindbody.

Contact Information:

Phone # 213-568-3453

Email: [email protected]

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In conclusion, if you’re in Los Angeles and eager to try bungee fitness, Flying Yoga D&A is a top pick. Positive feedback from clients like Araceli Anderson and Renee Christiansen highlights the enjoyable experience and excellent instructors at the studio. Whether you want a group class or are considering instructor training, Flying Yoga D&A has you covered. Elevate your fitness with a sling bungee at Flying Yoga D&A in the heart of Los Angeles!


Bungee fitness is a dynamic workout where you perform exercises while attached to a bungee cord, offering a unique and low-impact cardio experience.

Yes, it’s beginner-friendly. Most classes welcome newcomers, and age requirements typically start at 10 years old.

Wear comfy workout gear and bring a towel and water. No prior experience is needed; instructors guide participants through movements in classes suitable for all fitness levels.

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