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bungee fitness chicago

Chicago, the city of skyscrapers and museums, is also renowned for its numerous unique workout studios. Bungee Fitness, or bungee dance, is one such unconventional workout routine that has gained significant exposure in recent years in the city.

For those unfamiliar, it’s an aerial workout technique designed to help you lose fat and increase agility while experiencing a sensation of weightlessness as your body is suspended with a bungee cord.

Top Bungee Fitness Chicago Studios 

Through this article, we’ll take you through the insights of bungee sessions in the heart of the Illinois state. We’ll cover the bungee classes not only in Chicago but also in nearby cities in the state of Illinois, providing you with a variety to choose from.

1. ASPIS Studio

When searching for a bungee fitness studio in Chicago, the first you’ll come across is ASPIS Studio, Chicago. However, let me burst the bubble; ASPIS Studio in Chicago is now permanently closed, as confirmed by their official website.

You can further verify this by checking the class availability on ClassPass, as there are no available classes for this studio on any day. Moreover, their official website and social media handles are also closed for the same reason. So, now you have the following options for bungee classes in Illinois.

2. Uplift Bungee Fitness Studio 

Location: East Rockton Rd Unit 300, Roscoe, Illinois

bungee fitness illinois

Description: Uplift Bungee Fitness Studio, located in Roscoe, Illinois, stands out as Chicago’s sole dedicated bungee dance space. To participate independently, individuals should be between 90 and 275 lbs and above 15 years old. Prior booking is required, as there are no drop-in classes available.

Instructors: Led by the owner, Janette, along with other experienced instructors, classes are conducted throughout the week.

Programs: Following programs are offered at the Uplift Bungee studio:

  1. Uplift Bungee fitness classes cater to a diverse range of skill levels. The introductory class, Intro to Bungee, serves as the foundation, concentrating on basic techniques and terminology. 
  2. Participants can revisit the first class before progressing to Bungee Blast, which introduces engaging moves and routines building upon the fundamentals. 
  3. Bungee Bootcamp, a level 2+ class, emphasizes strength within and outside the bungee, incorporating light weights and resistance bands.
  4. For advanced enthusiasts, Advanced Bungee Blast presents challenging moves after completing at least 6 Bungee Blast classes. 
  5. Moreover, some combo classes include Bungee with other sports: Bungee Boxing combines cardio, kickboxing, and bungee for a distinctive workout, while Bungee Barre focuses on balance and strength.

Testimonials: Tonya L. Greenfield-White praises Uplift, expressing, “I am truly impressed with Uplift! The instructors are fantastic, catering to various fitness levels with thoughtful options. The small class sizes and personalized attention to ensure proper form are aspects I cherish. The commitment to consistency is yielding positive results!”

Amanda Bragg shares, “I had an amazing time and a truly challenging workout. The instructors were fantastic, providing excellent guidance and support. The name of this business is incredibly fitting! Thank you for ensuring this was a fantastic experience.”

Schedule: Uplift Bungee Fitness Chicago Studio offers classes from Monday to Saturday every week.

Plans & Pricing: 

Group Bungee ClassPricePrivate TrainingPrice
Single Class$25/person1 hr Buddy Training$40/person (With or without the bungees)
3-Pack651 hr One to One Training$65/hr (With or without the bungees)
10-Pack$2005-Pack One to One Training$275 ($50 savings)
Contact Information: 
Phone # +1 815-429-0130
Official Website: Uplift Bungee 

3. Patriot Pilates Fitness Studio

Location: 610b Maryknoll Street, Lockport, Illinois 

Description: Patriot Pilates Fitness Studio is another Bungee dancing facility in the heart of Illinois state, located in Lockport and Homer Glen, 34 miles and 37 miles away from Chicago city, respectively. 

Patriot Pilates offers bungee classes in both locations. During a single 45-minute bungee dance session, you can burn up to 700 calories. The studio also provides trainer’s training, allowing you to get certified and open your own bungee fitness studio in Chicago or elsewhere. Trainer training workshops are organized on Sundays from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM at the Homer Glen campus.

Instructors: Mariel (the owner) and Stephanie lead the bungee classes every week.

Schedule: The schedule includes classes on Mondays at 6:30 PM, Wednesdays at 7:00 PM, and Saturdays at 8:00 PM.

Pricing: $30 for a single Bungee class, with the option to avail a discount when booking a package. Enjoy 4 classes per month for $99 or opt for 8 classes at a reduced rate of $180.

Contact Information:
Phone # 815-310-0476
Official Website: Patriot Pilates

Plans & Pricing: 

Bungee ClassesPrice
Single Class$30
4 classes (monthly)$99
8 classes (monthly)$180


If you’re aiming to stay fit and active, consider incorporating these advanced dancing moves into your workout routine. This high-intensity, low-impact fitness program promotes overall health, helping you maintain weight and tone your muscles effectively. So, buckle up and let’s try this exhilarating workout in Chicago.

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