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bungee fitness spain

A new workout challenge is emerging in Madrid and other cities in Spain, knocking on the doors of every gym in the kingdom. This body-shaking exercise is not only a remarkable cardio activity but also a ton of fun. It enhances endurance, burns calories, builds muscle mass, and sculpts your body distinctively.

Top 5 Bungee Fitness Spain Studios

This article will guide you through the insights of each bungee fitness studio in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, and other Spanish cities. It will cover their classes, pricing, instructors, programs, and contact information.

Bungee Fitness Madrid

Studio Name: AerialMad Bungee Dance & Fitness

Location: Calle Benigno Soto 10, Madrid

bungee fitness madrid

Class Description: AerialMad is a perfect space for those who demand complete attention of the instructor while working out. A personalized studio that never accommodates more than seven individuals in one session ensures that everyone is taken care of wholeheartedly. Additionally, you can book a bungee class at any time with a group of up to four people.

Programs: From beginner to Pro level, there are multiple bungee programs for each group’s fitness level.

Testimonials: Maria Diaz shared her experience, stating, “Quite an experience. The great monitor!!! It has brought out the best in us and has taken us further than we dreamed of. We will be back” Oriana Manda also expressed, “The best place to work. body and mind at the same time.”

Pricing: Bungee with friends costs less, meaning the more friends, the lower the cost.

bungee fitness price spain

Contact Information: 

Phone & WhatsApp: +34 695 03 06 05

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: www.aerialmad.es 

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Bungee Fitness Barcelona

Studio Name: SOU LIVRE

Locations: Carrer Llull, 68, 08005, Poblenou | Carrer Vilamarí, 37, local 1 Plaza España

bungee fitness barcelona

Class Description: Both Plaza España and Poblenou studios offer full-bungee classes. At SouLivre, the bungee class duration is 60 minutes, starting with a pre-workout, followed by basic moves, choreography, and ending with gentle stretches to cool down. This studio has numerous benefits, including higher weight limit i.e. 500 lbs, and gender equality. You just need to be above 12 years to enjoy this fun-filled exercise.

Programs: The SouLivre studio offers various programs in the domain of bungee dance:

  1. Bungee Initiation
  2. Intermediate Bungee
  3. Bungee Workout
  4. Bungee Choreography
  5. Vertical Dance

Testimonials: “I love it! It’s super fun, and you burn a lot of calories. Everyone should try. It’s amazing.” – Yoselyn Marcano from Barcelona.

Pricing: The Bungee Test class costs €20, and unlimited classes for a month are priced at €99.

Contact Information:
Phone & WhatsApp: +34 640 80 44 69
Official Website: www.sou-livre.com  

Bungee Fitness Cadiz

Studio Name: Gravity Workouts

Location: Av. de los Agricultores 6, Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz

bungee fitness cadiz

Class Description: Established in May 2017, this studio has become a hub for international dance classes, offering full-body, low-impact training for both kids and adults in the heart of Cadiz. Enjoy two days of high-intensity, result-oriented workouts with high standards of safety measures. Additionally, participants can access online technical resources and training content.

Programs: At this bungee fitness studio in Spain, two dance programs are available: Bungee workout and Aerial yoga.

Testimonials: Cristina Martínez from Cadiz shares her experience, stating, “An incredible place to train, varied activities, and a very professional staff. Enjoyed a lot, will come back soon.”

Pricing: The basic bungee workout course starts at €275, with another version offering slight additional services available at €350. For a full-fledged training experience with all resources, the complete course is available at €450.

Contact Information:
Phone # (+34) 693 59 68 05
Official Website: www.gravityworkouts.es  


Session timings may vary at each of the above locations based on demand and instructor availability. It is advisable to check their official website or social media profiles before planning your visit.

Wrapping Up

This unique form of resistance training is rapidly spreading across Europe due to its range of benefits, encompassing fun, fitness, and its low-impact nature. If you are in Spain, you should undoubtedly experience the fascinating world of bungee fitness in Madrid at least once.

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