Bungee fitness Sacramento, CA – Explore Best Bungee Studio Near You 

Bungee fitness Sacramento

Sacramento, renowned as the “City of Trees,” is not just celebrated for its natural heritage and scenic landscapes but is also a hub for thrilling fitness activities. One such exhilarating fitness regime that has found a home in the heart of California is Bungee Fitness Sacramento.

Bungee Fitness Sacramento, California, USA 

This article aims to guide you through the places to explore Bungee Workouts in Sacramento, California. Additionally, it will provide insights into how to access these fitness studios and the prerequisites for engaging in this soaring and high-flying exercise.

1. Bungee Adventure

Before discussing the indoor studios, let’s first talk about the natural scenes of the Bungee fitness workout. Unlike traditional indoor bungee studios, Bungee Adventure offers a one-of-a-kind experience where enthusiasts can enjoy bungee jumping in the open air. The thought of a setup like this in an open environment was beyond my imagination before visiting this remarkable place.

Picture yourself leaping from a bridge, harnessed at the waist, soaring to heights ranging from 100 to 400 feet. It’s so wholesome to even write about this bungee adventure. So, whenever you visit Sacramento, it should be on top of your go to list. 

Who can Participate?

Bungee Adventure welcomes participants from 18 to 75 years of age, with a weight range of 80 to 225 lbs. Rain or shine, this adrenaline-pumping experience takes place every Saturday afternoon.

For those who want to soak in the scene without taking the bungee plunge, you’re welcome to join as a non-participant for a minimal $20 fee. Solo flyers have the added benefit of bringing a guest along at no extra cost.


Let’s hear what other jumpers have to say about their Bungee Adventure:
Joseph Campbell shares, “What we truly yearn for is an encounter that allows us to embrace the ecstasy of living.”

Tim Kapp expresses, “The bungee cord resembles an oversized trampoline, but with a superior touch. No matter how high you bounce, the assurance of landing precisely in the center of the bed sets it apart.”

How much for jumping?

Refer to the image below for timings and pricing details:

Bungee cost in Sacramento

Contact Information

Phone # 916-764-2585

Heading towards Colorado? Check out Bungee workout in Denver.

2. Flying High Sling Bungee Fitness

This studio stands as the premier indoor bungee fitness space in Sacramento. If you’ve celebrated your 16th birthday and fall within the weight range of 90 to 250 lbs, this studio offers the opportunity to burn 400-800 calories in a single 45-minute session of Bungee Fitness.

Bungee Programs:

Embark on your bungee fitness journey with an introductory class, which serves as a game-changer for every fun-loving fitness enthusiast. All the necessary bungee gears will be provided, allowing you to enjoy the experience with a group of like-minded individuals.

Class Pricing: 

For detailed pricing information, refer to the table below:

Class DescriptionPrice
Single Class$20.00
5 Class Bundle$90.00
10 Class Bundle$180.00
Unlimited Monthly Class / 12 Month Contract$85.00
Buy One One/New Clients Only$20.00


Find out real feedback of client’s from the Flying High bungee jumping classes:

flying high sling bungee testimonials

Contact Information:

Phone # +1 530-725-9805
Location: 187 Blue Ravine Rd, Suite 130, Folsom CA 95630


Are Cameras allowed in Bungee Adventure?

You can bring your camera on your second visit to the place.

Are there any discounts available at Bungee Adventure?

Yes, 10% off for a group of 5 or more, 20% off for recurring clients and a whooping 40% off for the second attempt on the same day.

Do active military personnel get any discount at Bungee Adventure?

Yes, active military personnel get 10% off. 


Bungee Fitness Sacramento redefined the concept of fitness, taking it to new heights, quite literally. Whether you opt for the indoor exhilaration at Flying High Sling Bungee Fitness or the open-air escapade with Bungee Adventure, Sacramento presents an unparalleled opportunity to embrace the joy of bungee jumping.

Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or someone looking to add a thrilling dimension to your workout routine, Bungee Fitness Sacramento opens its doors to an exciting and high-flying exercise. Join the community of aerial fitness enthusiasts in the heart of California’s capital.

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