Bungee Fitness Studios in Denver, Aurora, Colorado, USA

bungee fitness denver colorado

Bungee Fitness, a revolutionary workout technique, allows your joints to manage high-intensity moves effortlessly. The experience feels light on the joints during jumping, but the real realization of accomplishment hits when you finish and relax, having burnt thousands of calories.

This article aims to guide you through the best Bungee workout spaces across the state of Colorado. It will cover everything about the studios, including class descriptions, instructors, training programs, schedules, pricing, and contact information for booking your seat now.

Bungee Fitness Colorado USA

While searching for Bungee workout studios in Denver, it was discovered that currently, no place offers Bungee in the city. Thus we extended our search and covered the whole Colorado state and found some amazing studios for you. 

The nearest bungee fitness spot is in Aurora, just 15 miles from Denver. After a visit to that studio, it became evident that it’s one of the best in Colorado.

1. Bungee Workout in Aurora – Pharonik Pilates

Location: 22946 E, Aurora, Colorado.

bungee fitness denver

Description: Pharonik Pilates is the sole Bungee fitness space in Aurora. It serves as a home for various stretching exercises and aerial yoga, including Bungee, Pilates, Garuda, and Marda. The core objective is to focus on clients’ muscle toning while enhancing flexibility and strength.

Programs: Pharonik Pilates offers various Bungee workout programs. All Bungee sessions typically last for one hour. To enjoy this thrilling workout, participants must be above 10 years old and are advised to bring grip socks, arriving 10 to 15 minutes before the class.

Instructors: Magda, the Bungee instructor guides everyone with complete focus. She has over 10 years of experience in various fitness regimes.

Testimonials: “Tried bungee for the first time in Colorado. Magda was so patient and understanding, a great instructor with amazing expertise.” – Astrid Schuster Mackey from Littleton

Pricing: Whether you prefer solo sessions or want to experience flying fun with a group, Pharonik Pilates has options for everyone. A single class is available for $42, and a package of three classes costs $99 per individual. For group party bookings, direct contact is recommended using the details below.

Schedule: The Bungee class schedule may change weekly. Click here to check this week’s time table.

Contact Information
Phone # (303) 847-1478

Let’s explore Bungee workout in Austin, Texas.

2. Bungee Workout in Colorado Springs – Bungee Core Fitness

Location: 3226 N. Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs

bungee fitness colorado springs

Description: Discover the ultimate bungee workout experience in Colorado Springs at Bungee Core Fitness. This dedicated space for bungee enthusiasts is a comprehensive fitness package offered by the Nevada Martial Arts gym. It stands as only the second bungee studio in the entire state of Colorado.

Programs: Bungee Core Fitness caters to individuals weighing under 260 lbs, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive experience. The studio offers specialized programs for beginners, intermediate participants, and those seeking an advanced bungee workout.

Instructors: Meet Robert and Tyler serving as the trainers. With their expertise, they create a supportive atmosphere for learning and infuse each session with energy, ensuring you receive full support throughout your fitness journey.

Testimonials: According to Matthew Hexter, a satisfied participant, “Robert and Tyler create a great atmosphere to learn. All sessions are energetic with full support from the trainers.” 

Pricing: For those eager to take a single bungee session, the cost is $25.00. Alternatively, you can opt for unlimited sessions for one month at just $125, inclusive of martial arts training. Bungee Core Fitness strives to make this unique fitness experience accessible to all.

Schedule: Check out the timetable on the official website to find a class that fits seamlessly into your schedule. Bungee Core Fitness understands the importance of flexibility in your fitness journey and provides a diverse range of class timings.

Contact Information:
Phone # 269-532-464

3. Bungee Workout in Colorado Springs – Impulse Bungee Fitness

A new Bungee Fitness studio is opening soon in Colorado Springs namely Impulse Bungee Fitness that is planned to be located near to S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs. We’ll update you for the exact location once it gets opened up for the public.

Contact Information:
Phone # 719-321-4005


Bungee jumping is not just a workout but a thrilling and effective fitness experience right in the heart of Colorado. This fun activity comes with numerous health benefits, catering to individuals of all fitness levels. With its affordable pricing, diverse programs, and a commitment to fostering a supportive community, Bungee Fitness stands as a dynamic hub for fitness enthusiasts.

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