Bungee Fitness Russia – Best Aerial Studios in 2024

bungee fitness russia

Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym for weight loss. With people leading increasingly busy lives, they are seeking innovative approaches to achieve cardio benefits in a short amount of time. The trend towards cardio fitness methods that combine fun and entertainment with fat loss is gaining popularity day by day.

Bungee Fitness is one such workout technique with a high-intensity, low-impact nature. Hanging from a bungee cord and engaging in lively moves allows you to burn calories while simultaneously building strength and flexibility.

In this article, we’ll explore how to experience Bungee Fitness in Russia. We’ll take a peek inside the studios, and uncover insights into the classes, schedules, and everything related to this unique and enjoyable exercise in the Russian Federation. So, fasten your harness and dive into the world of aerial fitness.

Bungee Fitness Moscow, Russia

Moscow, renowned for its high fitness standards, has become a hub for fitness trends. The unique form of stretching fitness has made its mark in the capital and has been warmly welcomed by residents. In this section, we’ll explore the best indoor bungee dancing studios located in Moscow.

Alpha Gravity and Bungee Workout

alhpa bungee fitness moscow

This studio stands out for its innovative fitness routines, where exercise is performed in small groups to maximize benefits and avoid mistakes. With ample space allocated to each activity, Alpha Gravity offers a variety of unique workouts, including Bungee, Hammocks, Gravity, Kango Jumps, and TRX.

Bungee Fitness sessions typically last an hour, during which participants engage in energetic dance moves with or without weights, depending on their fitness goals. It provides a full-body workout experience, leaving you feeling refreshed rather than exhausted, despite having burned hundreds of calories. 

Enjoying Bungee at this club requires no prior expertise. The studio offers three programs tailored to different competency levels, from Beginner to Pro: Beginner, Basic+, and Advanced.


Joey “This is the world’s most beautiful Bungee Workout Studio. The teaching team is extraordinary”

For pricing and membership, follow the table below:

Bungee fitness russia price

Their official website contains the updated schedule for every week. For booking and queries, contact them on the following details:

Contact Information:

Phone # 8 (906) 089-33-53 | Email: [email protected]

Location: Metro Tulskaya, Serpukhovskaya, Pavlovskaya Street 21

ArtFly Bungee

artfly bungee fitness russia

Another notable destination for indoor bungee fitness in Moscow is the ArtFly Bungee studio. Situated on Pyatnitskaya Street, this studio is at the forefront of unique fitness trends, offering eight unconventional workout programs for cardio enthusiasts seeking weight loss.

The hallmark program of ArtFly Bungee is, unsurprisingly, Bungee Fitness. Dancing with a bungee cord while reaping health benefits and enjoying the dance moves is the primary objective for everyone at this studio. ArtFly Bungee’s program is structured into three levels, each serving as a prerequisite for the next. Thus, participants can anticipate burning over 600 calories in a 55-minute session.

Meet the Instructors:

At the ArtFly Bungee studio, founder and head trainer Anna Kondratyeva leads a team of eight instructors. For bungee fitness, the dedicated instructor is Daria Eremeeva.

Pricing & Subscription:

PackagePrice (in rubles)Description
Trial training1200 ₽First visit
One-time visit1500 ₽Re-visiting the studio without a subscription
Personal training3000 ₽1 person + trainer
Split workout4000 ₽2 people + trainer
4 workouts5500 ₽Validity: 30 days
Freezing: up to 7 days
8 workouts8000 ₽
12 workouts9200 ₽

Contact Information:

Phone # +7 999 849 43 53

Location: st. Pyatnitskaya, 71/5 building 2, office. 303

EveryBody Fitness Studio

everybody bungee workout russia

For residents of Moscow, another enticing option is the renowned EveryBody Fitness studios. This studio stands out by offering bungee fitness not only for adults but also for kids. Utilizing a sling bungee, this workout effectively manages body weight between spins and joints, resulting in a lower-impact yet high-intensity workout that targets core muscles, legs, back, and buttocks.

EveryBody Fitness welcomes participants ranging from 28 to 100 kg with no age restrictions, ensuring inclusivity for all. The exhilarating sensation of bungee dancing is bound to entice you to return again and again for endless fun at the studio with your loved ones. Just like other studios, prior experience is not necessary, as beginners can easily jump into the beginner bungee class and get started right away.


Anastasia Radina shared, “Wonderful studio, friendly atmosphere, and of course, wonderful teachers! I want to come back here again and again.”

Lyudmila Ablova expressed, “Bungee is very fun and energy-intensive. The new studio is located in a beautiful residential complex with attentive staff.”

Meet the Instructor:

Victoria Romanova serves as the only bungee instructor at EveryBody Fitness.

Pricing & Subscription: 

The first-time visit to Art Fly’s Bungee class is a bit more expensive than the one above but it’s surely worth it.

Package Price (in rubles) Description
Trial class 1500 ₽
First visit 5600 ₽ 4 classes
4 weeks 10400 ₽ 8 classes
4 weeks 14400 ₽ 12 classes
Personal Training session 3000 ₽ 1 class

Contact Information:

Phone: +7 (966) 174-24-45

Location: st. Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 35с7, entrance to lobby A

Bungee Fitness in St. Petersburg

As the second-largest city and cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg is renowned for its fit and healthy culture. Residents here prioritize their health and continually seek out new ways to stay active. In this article section, we’ll explore the best bungee studio in St. Petersburg, Russia, providing comprehensive details on programs, pricing, classes, and contact information.

Fitness Studio Bungee Workout

bungee workout saint Petersburg

This club is the premier bungee dancing space in Saint Petersburg. Certified by the Bungee Workout brand studio in Bangkok, this club brings the expertise of authentic bungee workouts from Asia to Russia. With Russian instructors complementing this knowledge, the studio offers programs tailored to a diverse range of bungee fitness levels, including beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

As claimed by the studio, a single bungee session here can burn up to 1000 calories in just an hour. The workout consists of dynamic dance moves performed while suspended from a bungee cord, effectively targeting core muscles, increasing stamina and endurance, relieving stress from the spine, and providing a sensation of weightlessness during high-intensity moves.

Team of Instructors:

This studio, backed by Asian expertise, boasts a team of professional Russian trainers specializing in bungee dancing. Ivanova, Kazakova, Soldatova, and Korovina are experts who guide you through your bungee fitness journey.

Pricing for Bungee classes: 

Service Duration Price
One-Time Bungee Workout 1 hour 200 ₽
Personal Training Bungee Workout 1 hour 2650₽
Personal Training Bungee Workout Pro (Trainer: Anastasia Ivanova) 1 hour 3500₽
Split Training for Two Bungee Workouts 1 hour 4000₽
Split Training Bungee Workout + Stretching for Two 1.5 hours 5000₽

Contact Information:

Phone # +7 (812) 984-48-04 | Email: [email protected]

Location: St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Monetnaya St., 16

Can’t Find a Bungee Fitness Studio in Your Area Yet?

If you haven’t located a Bungee Fitness studio in your area yet, don’t worry – there’s still an option for you. In addition to traditional offline studio classes, there’s another avenue for complete training available online.

You have the opportunity to order a bungee setup and receive comprehensive training and certification online. Whether you set it up at home or in your fitness studio, you can access professional bungee training remotely and earn your certification from the comfort of your own space.

Bungee Fitness Equipment and Online Class

Looking to bring the thrill of bungee fitness to your space? Bungee Fitness offers top-quality equipment designed for group training, ensuring a safe and comfortable workout experience. They have quality products that undergo thorough quality checks and adhere to strict safety standards.

Setting up your bungee fitness area is easy with this comprehensive kit, including the BF Belt, Suspension for Cable, Swivel, and Carabiners. In addition, they provide online courses to master the skill and open your own bungee studio. It includes eight video lessons with theoretical and practical materials, allowing you to learn and practice at your own pace. Sign up for training with the promo code “BungeePRO” to access expert guidance and discounted rates.

Installation Requirements:

For installation bungee setup by yourself, focus the anchor ring on a concrete ceiling or metal construction of a sling included in the kit. The recommended space for the BungeeFitness setup is 7-9 square meters, with a minimum ceiling height of 2.5 meters, optimal at 3.5 meters.

For further inquiries or to place an order, please contact BF at +78442517518 from 10:00 to 18:00 Moscow time, Monday to Friday. For ordering the gears visit their official website.


The rise of bungee fitness in Russia, particularly in cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, reflects a growing trend towards innovative and enjoyable workout experiences. With its high-intensity, low-impact nature, bungee fitness appeals to individuals of all ages and fitness levels, providing a fun and effective way to burn calories, build strength, and improve overall well-being. As the popularity of bungee fitness continues to soar, it’s clear that this innovative workout trend is here to stay, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional gym routines. Dive into the world of aerial fitness and discover a new way to elevate your workouts.

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