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bungee fitness netherlands

The Dutch love staying fit, and they’re always trying new workouts. Now, there’s something exciting for them, the “Bungee Fitness”. It’s about jumping and dancing with a bungee cord, making you feel happy and refreshed. Afterward, you’ll be a bit tired, but it’s worth it.

Top 3 Bungee Fitness Netherlands Studios

Let’s explore Bungee exercise classes across the Netherlands. We’ll cover classes, schedules, instructors, prices, and how to get in touch. Ready for a fun fitness routine?

Bungee Fitness Amsterdam

bungee super fly amsterdam

Studio Name: Bungee Angel

Description: Another unique fitness experience in Amsterdam, Bungee Angel might just be your next destination. This bungee space caters to both individuals and group fitness enthusiasts.

The Bungee Angel studios, much like its counterparts, doesn’t just stop at regular classes; they go the extra mile by offering bungee fitness instructor training workshops. What sets them apart is the inclusion of a Bungee Kids facility, allowing children to engage in hour-long sessions.

Diverse Bungee Programs: Bungee Angel takes a tailored approach to fitness with six distinct programs designed to meet various goals. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced fitness enthusiast, there’s a bungee experience waiting for you:
  1. Bungee Dance: Perfect for first-timers and those at the beginner level.
  2. Bungee Fit: Tailored for regular bungee dancers.
  3. Bungee Workshop: A comprehensive teacher training facility.
  4. Bungee Kids: Specifically crafted for youngsters aged 5 to 13.
  5. Bungee Individual: For those seeking private sessions.
  6. Traveling Workshops: An innovative option for training at your own space.

Testimonials Speak Louder: Nataliya Sheina had a fantastic experience, stating, “The bungee class was awesome, and the instructor was well-qualified. I will try it again soon.”

Meet the Instructor: At Bungee Angel, you’ll be guided by the expertise of Helen Pokrovska, the sole bungee instructor, ensuring a quality fitness experience.

Plans & Pricing:
bungee price holland

Location: Chasséstraat 641057 JJ Amsterdam (for group classes), 
Singel 300,  1016 AD, Amsterdam (for individual classes).

Contact Information: 

Phone # +31 6 25440805

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: www.bungeeangel.com

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Studio Name: Bungee Super Fly

Location: Sportcentrum Atlas, Gravelandstraat 66, 1131 JK Volendam

bungee dance amsterdam
What to Expect: Burn up to 700 calories in a 45-minute workout! It’s for everyone, ages and genders. All you need is to weigh between 20-150 kg. They even sell certified harnesses for your safety. Moreover, they offer a 4-day Instructor training workshop.

You’ll learn how to train bungee dancers and gain in-depth knowledge about safety and equipment. If you’re a physical trainer looking to broaden your skills, this is a golden opportunity, since this workout trend is rapidly spreading everywhere.

Instructors: Janneke van Amelsvoort started this studio in 2016. She has trained lots of bungee dancers and trainers till date.

Programs & Pricing: They have programs for everyone, from beginners to pros.

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Venue: Sportcentrum Atlas, Volendam
  • Workshop Fee: €30
Bungee Class:
  • Single Workshop: €30
  • Bring a friend: €55 (Friends Deal!)

Testimonials: Iulia Boboc praised the studios saying, “Bungee is a super fun experience at the Bungee super fly studio in Holland. It takes traditional workout to another 3D level. Lifting us to perform superbly and gain our fitness goals.”

Where to go: Bungee Super Fly is not just in Amsterdam, you can find them in Barendrecht, Sittard, Pernis, Volendam, and more.

Schedule: Workshops are on weekends from 10:30 to 12:00. For the regular bungee sessions and online classes, check their social media or contact them directly on following details:

Contact Information: 

Phone # +31 (0)20 211 11 25

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: www.bungeesuperfly.com

Bungee Fitness Hilversum

Bungee Fitness Hilversum

Studio Name: Sjollema Sports & Fitness

Description: Sjollema Sports & Fitness introduces a dynamic 30-minute bungee program, known as Bungee Moves, creating an intimate setting with a maximum capacity of 30 members. Where you can experience the thrill of bungee workout like any other studio in the world. 

Instructors: Marion and Mandy are the trained and certified bungee instructors who bring both expertise and enthusiasm to every session.

Testimonials: Monika van Dijk shares her positive experience, “It was a great time with Mandy; the environment was amazing, and the bungee session was fantastic as usual.”

Class Schedule: Join us every Thursday from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM for an energy-packed session. Pricing: Single Lesson: €15.00 | Bungee Moves (Once a Week for 4 Weeks): €45.00

Location: Van Leeuwenhoekstraat 6 AD 1221 AH Hilversum.

Contact Information: 

Phone: +1 289-427-0223

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: SJOLLEMA SPORT

Wrapping Up

Enjoy the Bungee jumping in Holland, where you can burn tons of calories and have a blast while jumping. These studios cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced, and welcome participants of all ages and genders.

Before you step into the studio, remember to grab your water bottle and don a jumpsuit to ensure you make the most of your workout experience. It’s not just exercise; it’s an adventure waiting to be enjoyed to the fullest!

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