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bungee fitness oklahoma

Welcome to the heartland of fitness innovation, Oklahoma City in the United States, a state where traditional workouts meet the thrill of aerial yoga. In recent years, the fitness landscape in Oklahoma has undergone a transformative journey, and at the forefront of this evolution is the exhilarating world of Bungee Fitness.

Best Bungee Fitness Oklahoma Studios

Bungee Fitness in Oklahoma promises an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, inviting you to soar to new heights of health and vitality. This article discusses the unique fitness scene that has taken root in the Sooner State, exploring the studios, programs, and passionate instructors that make Bungee Fitness a rising star.

Sling Bungee Fitness, Edmond

Location: 514 S Bryant Ave, Edmond

Sling bungee fitness oklahoma

Sling Bungee is a renowned global chain of creatively designed low-impact exercise studios. With locations worldwide, they have made their mark in the world of fitness. Beyond their exceptional bungee classes, Sling Bungee is a pioneering force in creating top-quality bungee equipment.

Class Description: Sling Bungee Fitness seamlessly blends elements of strength training, cardio, and acrobatics, creating a rejuvenating fitness experience. Founder Candace Williams started this incredible venture in 2016 when there were no other bungee fitness classes in Houston.

Instructors: Sling Bungee Houston spaces have a team of experienced trainers, each specializing in specific programs aligned with their skill sets. Owner Candace Williams herself leads Level-4 classes, showcasing her dedication to the art.

Class Schedule: They offer a diverse range of class schedules to suit various lifestyles, including early morning and late evening sessions. The day begins with a 6:00 am CDT class led by Katy McFadden and concludes with a 50-minute session by Katelyn Maxwell at 7:50 pm CDT. Please note that session timings may vary depending on the active program and trainer availability. Visit their website to check the current schedule.

Bungee Programs: Sling Bungee offers classes ranging from Level 1 to Level 4, catering to both beginners and advanced participants. An additional program, Bootcamp, is also available for quick results. Completing Level I is mandatory for the bootcamp. Each level helps you refine your skills before progressing to the next stage.

Testimonials: When choosing a service, relying solely on the provider’s words is not a wise approach. Therefore, we turn to customer reviews, and here’s what we found.

Jennifer Wilkinson appraised Candence and his studio. She further added about her experience, “Sling bungee is a fun and energizing workout. Cadence and her staff are well-trained and they treat every individual with great care. I am lucky to have such a beautiful environment for the workout.

Pricing Options: Sling Bungee provides flexible pricing options, starting from a $40 3-Pass Pack (Any Class) to a $149.95 Monthly Family Unlimited package.

Contact Information: Contact Sling Bungee today to book your first Sling Bungee fitness class in Houston and experience the thrill of flying while getting fit.
Phone # +1 405-254-7272

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Levitate Bungee Fitness, Tulsa

Location: 8140 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK, USA

Levitate Bungee jumping USA studio

Class Description: Levitate Bungee Fitness Studio could be your go-to destination for practicing the bungee dance if you’re in Tulsa City, Oklahoma. The only condition is your weight, which should be between 90 to 250 lbs, and no recent surgery or pregnancy.

Instructors: Kirstin Waite, the owner, leads a team of seven members who are well-experienced in the aerial workout category.

Class Schedule: The bungee fitness studio operates from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday to Thursday, with shorter hours on Friday and Saturday (9:00 am – 12:00 pm). The studio is closed on Sundays, offering a day of rest. This schedule caters to diverse preferences, allowing enthusiasts to engage in gravity-defying workouts throughout the week.

Bungee Programs: Levitate Bungee offers Level 1 to Level 4 programs based on your expertise and health conditions. Additionally, the studio arranges Bungee workshops on various occasions.

Testimonials: Attending Levitate Bungee Fitness’s beginner class was fantastic! Kirstin, the knowledgeable and supportive instructor, personally assisted with challenging moves like the handstand, even for a 54-year-old participant. The entire experience, from start to finish, was impressive, and I’m excited to go again. Highly recommended for both men and women, with group sessions available. Give it a shot; you won’t be disappointed! – Deana Morgan.

Plans & Pricing: 

Drop-In class$20
3 Classes$50
5 Classes$85
10 Classes$140
Monthly Unlimited$125
Private Parties$175
Contact Information:
Phone # +1 918-956-0780
Official Website: www.levitatebungeefit.com

Launch Bungee Fitness, Moore

Location: 1060 SW 4th Street, Unit 210 Moore, OK 

Class Description: Launch Bungee stands out as the sole Bungee studio in Moore, OK. The session requirements are pretty much the same as those mentioned above, but the weight limit is 240 lbs here. Moreover, it welcomes children in the presence of their parents. The studio extends opportunities for teacher training, making it an ideal choice for those aspiring to open their own bungee studio.

Instructors: The owners, Hannah Jamil, Stephanie Espolt, and Hayley Jamil, also serve as instructors, boasting a combined experience of 15 years. Rest assured, you are in capable hands while donning the bungee harness.

Bungee Programs: Launch Bungee caters to beginners, intermediates, and advanced athletes through distinct programs. Moreover, private parties for groups of 2 to 10 people are available.

Testimonials: Tanya Nicole shares, “It was an enjoyable and effective workout! The instructors were excellent, providing clear explanations that everyone could grasp immediately.”

Contact Information:
Phone # +1 405-735-7114
Official Website: Launch Bungee

Lifted Fitness Studio

Location: 3946 N Kickapoo, Shawnee, OK

lifted bungee workout oklahoma

Class Description: Lifted Fitness in Shawnee is a comprehensively designed studio offering not only bungee fitness but also five other programs, including Bounce, Burn, Yoga, and Dance Cardio. For swift and effective results, explore their bungee program, suitable for everyone under 240 lbs in Shawnee and Johnson.

Instructors: The bungee instructors at Lifted Fitness include Brooke (the owner), Erin, Lawren, Mikayla, and Amanda.

Bungee Programs: The Intro to Bungee class is perfect for first-timers, while the standard Bungee class is tailored for those who have attended at least one bungee jumping class anywhere. Advanced Bungee is specifically designed for individuals who have mastered basic bungee skills.

Testimonials: Kayla-Josh Farmer shared, “Enjoyed a fantastic first class with my sisters and niece! Candi and the other instructor were both excellent. They made the experience amazing! Looking forward to round two!”

Contact Information:
Phone # (405) 735-7114

Do You Know!

There was another Bungee arena named Rise Bungee in Elk City, OK. However, it has since been permanently closed, with the owner conveying the message:

Rise Bungee in Elk City


Bungee Fitness Oklahoma, USA, transforms the traditional workout experience, offering a dynamic and exhilarating approach to staying fit. With the studios discussed above, individuals have the opportunity to explore a variety of programs that not only include bungee fitness but also integrate other engaging disciplines. 

As the popularity of bungee fitness continues to increase, Oklahoma’s fitness landscape is evolving to embrace innovative and invigorating approaches to well-being. Step into the world of bungee fitness in Oklahoma, and experience the thrill of jumping exercise while sculpting a healthier body.

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