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bungee fitness las vegas

Las Vegas, the city of entertainment, graciously welcomes individuals from across the globe. However, beyond the glittering lights and vibrant nightlife, the residents of Las Vegas actively engage in various fitness activities, ensuring they stay fit for the dynamic lifestyle the city offers.

One fitness phenomenon gaining traction these days is Bungee Fitness Las Vegas, a low-impact cardio workout designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and achieve the perfect body shape. In a city where energy and vitality are celebrated, Bungee Fitness Las Vegas aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the city.

Bungee Fitness Las Vegas, NV

This article serves as your guide to the top Bungee Fitness studios in Las Vegas for the year 2024. It aims to equip you with all the insights necessary to make an informed decision, helping you find the perfect indoor Bungee Fitness studio that resonates with your fitness goals and preferences.

1. Aerial Athletica

Location: 5165 Rousso Rd. Unit D, Las Vegas, Nevada

bungee workout las vegas
The top-notch bungee fitness studio at Rousso Road, offers versatile aerial workout classes, including Bungee jumping, catering to individuals below the age of 65. Beyond its fitness offerings, this studio provides the perfect space for hosting private bungee parties with friends, making it an ideal destination for both personal fitness journeys and group celebrations.
To enjoy Bungee workout in Aerial Athletica, you must fall under the size range below:
  • Waist: 27″-45″
  • Thigh: 20″-37″

Instructors: At Aerial Athletica, a team of seasoned instructors is dedicated to ensuring your safety and enjoyment during each bungee fitness session. Brittney, Kara, Yukari, and Zhy collectively serve as aerial fitness instructors, bringing a wealth of expertise and passion to the studio.

Testimonials: Tasha Brown, a satisfied participant, shared, “It was a great experience at the Aerial Athletica‚Äôs Bungee class. I enjoyed it a lot with my group. Best instructor and loving environment.”

Timing: Bungee classes run on Saturdays from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Pricing: For those opting for a drop-in session, the cost is $38 per person, with a maximum of 5 people accommodated in a single class.

Contact Information
Phone # 702- 848-7894 | 702-738-8265

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2. Pole Kisses

Location: 1366 West Cheyenne Avenue, 111, North Las Vegas Nevada

bungee workout las vegas

Pole Kisses stands out as another state-of-the-art aerial fitness facility in the vicinity of Las Vegas. It offers dynamic Bungee fitness experiences for enthusiasts ranging from 90 to 240 lbs. This studio caters to individuals at different skill levels, providing a 30-minute session for level-1 learners and extending it to a 60-minute session for those at level-2 proficiency.

Timing: Bungee fitness classes at Pole Kisses are available throughout the week, with timings varying each week for added flexibility. For booking and detailed information on the schedule, please refer to Mindbody.

Contact Information:

Phone # +1 702-399-4841

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As we conclude our venture into the best Bungee Fitness studios in Las Vegas for 2024, we invite you to try this flying workout. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Bungee Fitness, Las Vegas stands ready to redefine your fitness journey. 

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