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bungee fitness charlotte nc

Have you ever wondered how circus dancers execute rope moves flawlessly without a single misstep? Undoubtedly, these dance moves are mesmerizing to watch, but they demand a considerable amount of skill, training, and expertise.

Similar to those performers, we’ve discovered a creative fitness workout that can significantly enhance your cardio routine while being gentle on your joints. Bungee Fitness Charlotte NC is a fitness training facility located in North Carolina, equipped with a sling and a harness attached to the ceiling. 

This unique form of resistance training allows you to gracefully move through the air with flexibility, all with minimum impact on your joints. Once you try Bungee, You will be able to cut weight, gain strength and cardiovascular benefits.

Top Bungee Fitness Charlotte NC Studios

This article will guide you on how and where to find the best bungee studio in Charlotte, NC. It will cover programs, class schedules, and membership options offered by the top studios in the city and nearby areas. So, let’s begin the hunt.

1. A Step To Gold

Location: 6278 Glenwood Avenue Suite 200 Raleigh, NC

bungee class charlotte nc

Description of Class: A International Ballroom cum Bungee studio providing low-impact resistance workout training at North Carolina. For attending sessions at Bungee Fitness Charlotte NC, you should not be above 400 lbs and come 20 minutes early with a towel and a water bottle. 

Instructors: With over 38 years in the dancing business, Miss Melanie Dale has taught many greats in the USA and UK . Melanie Dale and Jerry Bills teach the Bungee moves at this studio. 

Bungee Programs: From beginner to advanced. There are different bungee programs at A STEP TO GOLD studio. Before going further, it’s necessary to take the beginners class first.

Class Schedule: There are 4 classes a week for now according to the schedule below. But as the demand increases, they’re thinking of adding more classes. 

Class ScheduleTimeNotes
Mondays6:00 PM
Tuesdays10:00 AM
Saturdays11:15 AM
Saturdays12:00 PM
Fridays (Bungee Party)7:00 pm – 10:00 pm$497
Private Class Options9 people for 30 minutes / 10 to 18 people for 60 minutes$150 / $247
Testimonials: The Bungee classes taught by Melanie have received good reviews from both elders and teenagers. Here’s what we got:
“Melanie significantly elevated my heart rate; it’s more effective than spending 30 minutes on the elliptical! I have knee issues and have had 5 stints in my heart.” – Jack M.

“Melanie dedicates her time and provides me with personalized attention, making this an enjoyable experience for me!” – Brady S.

Plans & Pricing: 
Individual class: $20 
Apply the discount code “FIRST-BUNGEE” to enjoy a $5 reduction on your inaugural bungee class!
  • 3-Class Bungee: $51.00
  • 6-Class Bungee: $100.00
  • 10-Class Bungee: $160.00
Contact Information: 
Phone # (919) 781-6868
Official Website: www.asteptogold.com

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2. Zen Fit Family Studio

Location: 2241 W. Hanford Road, Burlington NC

Description of Class: Experience the thrill of defying gravity and fly high at Zet Fit Family studio in Burlington, North Carolina. In addition to bungee fitness, they also offer Aerial yoga and Kettlebell Interval classes. It’s worth noting that to participate in aerial fitness classes at this facility, the maximum weight limit is 275 lbs.

Instructors: Zen Fit Family Studio boasts an all-female team of highly experienced trainers, including Melissa Ward, Sacha Leclaire, and Gina Carter. They have huge experience in Aerial workouts and Yoga classes, which means that you’re in safe hands while jumping on a bungee.

Bungee Programs: Zen Fit Family offers various programs tailored for different age groups. There’s a Basic program designed for beginners and children, as well as an Advanced level class series for those who have mastered the basics. Additionally, you can host an 11-member bungee party for the full 90 minutes of jumping and fun with your friends. 

Class Schedule

DayTimeClass Type
Monday5:30 PMKids’ 3-Class Series
Monday6:30 PMBasic/Beginner Drop-In
Tuesday3:15 PMCombo (Kids’ Open Studio)
Wednesday5:30 PMBasic/Beginner Drop-In
Saturday9:00 AMBeginner Bungee

Please be aware that the schedule may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to confirm the current schedule by contacting them using the details provided below.

Plans & Pricing: 

bungee class schedule
Contact Information:

Phone # 336-516-1306

Official Website: www.zenfitfamily.com

3. PH Physique Bungee Fitness

Location: 116 Clipper Ln, 28117, Mooresville

Description of Class: PH Physique Bungee Fitness in North Carolina stands out as a studio exclusively designed for bungee dance since 2016. They provide a range of bungee dance opportunities, including group classes, personal sessions, rehabilitation programs, and private parties.

Instructors: Melanie Taylor, the owner, and instructor at PHphysique Bungee Fitness Charlotte, NC, leads the way. Additionally, the studio has other instructors on board. Please check their availability when making bookings.

Class Schedule: PH Physique is open four days a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with classes running from 9:30 am to 11:00 am and 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s advisable to confirm class availability first with PH Physique Bungee Studio Charlotte, NC.

Bungee Programs: The studio offers three distinct programs. They cater to bungee enthusiasts from beginners to advanced levels, provide personalized training based on individual goals, and even offer a specialized program for those interested in opening their own bungee fitness studio.

Plans & Pricing: The pricing for bungee classes at PH Physique Bungee varies depending on the program and schedule. For current pricing details and membership options, please get in touch with PH Physique directly.

Contact Information:
Phone # (248) 821-4411

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: www.phphysique.com

4. Get Fit Together

Location: 300 Copperfield Blvd Suite 200, Concord NC 

bungee workout charlotte nc

Description of Class: This gym provides an all-in-one fitness training experience, including cardio and weight-lifting options. Additionally, they offer Bungee dancing classes. It’s important to note that their Bungee equipment can support a maximum weight of 215 lbs, and participants must be 13 years or older to attend these classes.

Instructors: This club boasts a number of experienced fitness instructors. The Bungee classes are led by Joy Dry, the owner and fitness trainer.

Class Schedule: To access the Get Fit Together class schedule, please download the FitDegree mobile app. You can check the current schedule and book your session through the app.

Pricing: The cost is $25 per person for a small group of three. However, there is also an option for private classes available at $50 for individual sessions.

Contact Information:

Phone # 704-251-9090

Official Website: www.getfitconcordnc.com

5. Air Fit Now

Location: 605 N  Polk Street, Suite F,  Pineville, NC

bungee workout charlotte nc

Description of Class: If you’re seeking alternative aerial workout options in North Carolina, consider Air Fit Now. An excellent choice for all ages and genders. AIR is a prominent brand specializing in bungee classes and equipment. It serves as an aerial dance studio for adults, kids, and teens. Beyond classes, they also supply bungee equipment, and you can enjoy 50 minutes or more of classes in the studio. Don’t forget to arrive 15 minutes early.

Instructors: Karina Alchorchas leads aerial fitness classes at AIR FIT NOW. Starting as an AIR student, she eventually became an instructor after years of dedicated practice.

Bungee Programs: AIR offers a diverse range of programs, starting with the 50-minute Foundation class for adults, which targets various muscle groups. Additionally, there’s a 30-minute Core class focusing on abs and back muscles, a mixed-level Flow class targeting the entire body, and the intense AIR class for muscle strengthening and toning. 

Moreover, AIR features a special program designed exclusively for kids and teens, which includes classes, camps, workshops, and parties aimed at boosting their confidence, stamina, and flexibility.

Class Schedule: AIR operates six days a week, with schedules contingent upon trainer availability and student bookings. For the current class schedule, please visit AIR’s class schedule page.

Testimonials: After conducting online research, we’ve discovered reviews about AIR aerial fitness classes. Some of them are shared here:
“I attended the Air Foundation class at the West Hollywood branch, and the instructor displayed remarkable talent, a warm welcome, and incredible patience, especially during the moments when I needed to pause for a breather.” – Jessica L.

“I absolutely adore AIR! I’ve visited a few times through Classpass and, most recently, enjoyed a complimentary class with some friends. Lindsay, the owner, is tough, but absolutely fantastic!” – Samantha M.

Plans & Pricing:

Adult PackagesAdult MembershipsKids + Teens
1-week unlimited$504 classes per month$89/mo8-week session$250
1-month unlimited$99*8 classes per month$149/moAIR® pairs$50
1 class$30Unlimited classes$180/moParents Night Out$50
5 classes$145Unlimited classes + member perks$1999/rDrop-in Camp$50
10 classes$280Summer + Holiday Camps**Pricing varies per studio
20 classes$500
Contact Information:

Phone # (980)-500-9713

Official Website: www.airfitnow.com


Bungee Fitness Charlotte NC studios are a great opportunity for the residents to avail this unique fitness exercise. This comprehensive guide covers all the Bungee dancing studios in the state of North Carolina. Bungee jumping gives you immense stamina and agility. Try out the unique exercise and let us know how you feel after the session. Happy dancing!

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