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bungee fitness melbourne

The new craze in cardio, combining dance and jumps, is making waves in the fitness scene, and it’s landed in Melbourne, Australia. If you’ve caught sight of those viral bungee dancing clips online and are keen to give it a whirl, you’re in luck. Bungee Fitness Melbourne training combines elements of aerial fitness and bungee cord technology to offer a high-intensity, full-body workout that’s both fun and effective.

With a variety of programs led by bungee training experts, you have the chance to soar to new heights while having so much fun. So, if you’re keen to kick your fitness regime up a notch, why not check out these top-notch Bungee Workout studios in Melbourne and experience the thrill of flight while getting fit?

Top Bungee Fitness Melbourne Studios

Bungee dancing has become a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts seeking an exciting alternative to traditional workouts. It involves participants being attached to a bungee cord around their hips, allowing them to bounce, fly, and perform dynamic movements.

In this session, we’ll explore the best Bungee Fitness studios in Melbourne and neighboring cities in Victoria, so you can discover the joy of flying high while getting in shape.

1. Bungee Fly Fit

Location: 13 Yarra Valley Blvd Bulleen, Victoria

Bungee fitness australia

Class Description: BUNGEE FLY FIT by Fitness Vibes is Melbourne’s most unique personal training and aerial yoga bungee fitness studio. They offer a wide range of aerial workout programs, including functional fitness, core workouts, strength training, Pilates, rehabilitation, and pain management. The studio is diverse and inclusive, catering to all ages and abilities. They also offer teachers training for bungee enthusiasts.

Instructors: Leading the team is Margie Cerato, a seasoned fitness expert with over three decades of experience. Her expertise in bungee cord training can swiftly lead you toward achieving your fitness goals. 

Testimonial: “We’re very well taken care of at the studio by the instructor. The proper training gets us ready for the bungee with the pre-workout to help us get in shape for the harness belt. It is mesmerizing! We will be back.” – A Satisfied Client.

Timing: Timings may vary every week and it’s recommended to check their website first and book your session first.

Plans & Pricing: They provide different membership options for single classes and packages. Meanwhile, Bungee Fly Fit Teacher’s training costs $1988.00, which includes manuals and certification. Prepayment is essential to secure your spot in the training.

Contact Information: 
Phone # +61 412 526 383
Official Website: www.bungeeflyfit.com.au

2. S3 Studio

Location: Shop 9 – 242 Glen Huntly Rd Elsternwick, Victoria. 

Class Description: S3 Studio is the second most well-known studio on our Bungee Fitness Melbourne list. While it’s not situated within Melbourne, if you’re looking to explore alternative options for aerial workouts, it’s an excellent choice, located just 11 kilometers from the state capital.

Instructors: The studio is staffed by experienced instructors, including Maddy Zoumis, Shobi Umapalan, and Jackson McKay are dedicated to providing top-notch workouts.

Programs: S3 Studio offers a wide range of aerobic workouts for enhancing muscle tone and strength. Additionally, they provide various complementary health services, including Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, and Remedial Massage. 

Timings: S3 is open from Monday to Friday, offering flexible morning hours. Additionally, the studio opens on Saturdays and Sundays, but only during the morning for a few hours. For attending bungee classes, take appointments first.

Testimonials: Following her fitness sessions at S3, Manuela Andrysik endorsed the studio, expressing, “I wholeheartedly recommend this establishment. The Barre classes are exceptional, and with his team of instructors, is outstanding!”

Samantha Dunhill also recommended this studio as she said, “This was my first class, and it was absolutely fantastic. The staff was welcoming, and the instructor exuded tremendous energy and encouragement. They consistently checked in to ensure I was comfortable, allowing me to approach the exercises in my own style. I’ll certainly return for more.

Plans & Pricing: 

bungee fitness price in melbourne
Contact Information:
Phone # +61 414 146 785
Official Website: www.s3.world

3. Studio Exhilarate

Location: 2 Edols Place North Geelong, Victoria

Class Description: Studio Exhilarate extends a warm welcome to individuals aged 16 and above. Their primary focus is on nurturing strength, confidence, and a positive atmosphere for their members. Alongside Bungee, they also provide pole and aerial fitness classes.

Instructors: The Bungee classes are led by dedicated instructors, with Kylie Barclay, the studio’s owner, heading the team. Other instructors include Sharna and Courtney.

Programs: This studio offers classes suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced. This means you can dive into the world of Bungee workouts even if you’ve never used a bungee harness before. They offer three distinct programs: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, to build strength and get used to the exercise step-by-step.

Testimonials: After delving deep into our research, we’ve uncovered some real feedback from clients who have experienced bungee at Studio Exhilarate:

“Studio Exhilarate is my ultimate fitness sanctuary. The dedicated staff and fellow members turn every workout into pure bliss, making it an absolute blast! Say farewell to mundane, self-conscious gym sessions and repetitive exercise classes. Team, you deserve a perfect 10/10 in my book!” – Cashmere Sweater

“I simply adore Bungee Fitness. The trainers are incredibly supportive, as is the group atmosphere. It’s the first time I’ve genuinely looked forward to exercising… It’s just so enjoyable! Big thanks to Kylie and the entire team.” – Annette Parks

Pricing: Studio Exhilarate offers various membership options, each with its unique set of benefits. A weekly membership, which includes one Bungee class per week, is priced at $32.00. However, if you’re not quite ready to make a long-term commitment, there’s another option: 8 Classes for $80. This package includes three beginner Bungee classes, two dance classes, and three fitness classes, all within three weeks.

Timing: The studio operates during the following hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday, from 5 PM to 9 PM, 
  • Friday, from 6 PM to 10 PM, 
  • Saturday, from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. 

For the current bungee class schedule, please refer to this week’s updated timetable.

Contact Information:
Official Website: www.studioexhilarate.com.au

Final Thoughts

Bungee Fitness in Melbourne City is a game-changer in the world of alternative exercise classes. Whether you’re looking for a high-intensity cardio workout, a fun and unique fitness experience, or a supportive community to challenge yourself without judgment, Bungee Fitness Melbourne studios have something to offer. So, try indoor bungee dancing now and share your experience here with us.

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