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bungee fitness perth western australia

Bungee Fitness, the cool new workout blending yoga’s zen with dance’s vibe, has landed in Perth, Australia, and it’s catching on fast. Hanging mid-air, you’ll feel as free as a bird while doing this intense HIIT cardio.

If you’re in Perth, brace yourself for a thrilling experience at Bungee Fitness Perth studios. This article spills the beans on aerial workout choices, like bungee dancing, and other similar options in the heart of Western Australia. So, let’s jump right in!

Top Bungee Fitness Perth Studios

In the list of Bungee Fitness Perth Studios, the Empowered Center in Midland is currently the only place where bungee jumping is commercially available. However, given the growing popularity of this sport, many other fitness centers are likely to seize this opportunity and scale up shortly. Let’s go through the program offered at the only bungee facility in Perth.

Empowered Centre Bungee 

Location: 245 Great Eastern Hwy Midland, Perth, Western Australia

Top Bungee Fitness Studios in Perth

Class Description: Empowered Centre’s Bungee Fit is a dynamic fusion of yoga and dance, amplified by the assistance of bungee cords. Participants get to experience the thrill of flight and suspension while engaging in various yoga and dance moves. They offer specific beginner bungee sessions and a multilevel session each week, making it accessible to individuals of all skill levels.

Instructors: Taylor Dunstan is an experienced aerial yoga and bungee trainer at Empowered Centre.

Programs: The Bungee Fit program is a fun-filled cardio class for all ages, aimed at building stamina, core strength, mobility, and flexibility. It’s a unique opportunity to explore arm balances and have fun while working out.

Looking for bungee in other cities? check out Bungee classes in Adelaide Australia.

Testimonials: We’ve gathered some real feedback from customers who visited Empowered Centre Bungee which will help you make an informed decision.

  • Beth Itteniz: “The range of classes and instructors means that there’s always something I can fit into a busy schedule. It’s surely one of the best in Bungee Fitness Perth studios.”
  • Fiona Langley: “A divine yoga class last night with the beautiful Caitlin as our instructor. I came away feeling totally relaxed and revived at the same time.”

Bungee Fitness Perth Pricing: 

Plan Name Price Description
Casual Pass $25.00 – 1 Credit Single-use pass for any class
5 Class Pass $100.00 – 5 Credits Most scheduled classes except reformer pilates
10 Class Pass $180.00 – 10 Credits Most scheduled classes except reformer pilates
Introductory 30 Day Trial $99.00 – Valid for 1 month 30-day unlimited access pass
6 Month All classes $1,750.00 – Valid for 6 months Unlimited classes and reformer workouts
Pole Private $70.00 – 1 Credit A private session arranged with an instructor
Reformer 10 Pass $250.00 – 10 Credits 10 reformer classes in 12-month
Reformer No Teacher 10 Pass $130.00 – 10 Credits Solo practice on the reformer (after attending 10 classes)
3 Months Upfront Membership $420T.00 – Valid for 3 months Rree-month membership providing unlimited access to classes, excluding reformer (subject to a no-show policy).
3 Month Pass Includes Reformer $890.00 – Valid for 3 months An all-inclusive pass for a three-month period(excludes workshops and courses).
Unlimited Weekly Pass (Minus Reformer) $45.00 – Billed every 1 week A pass granting unlimited access to general classes, excluding reformers
Weekly Pass Includes Reformer $75.00 – Billed every 1 week Unlimited access to general classes, including reformers
Contact Information: 
Phone # +61 488 058 401
Official Website: www.empoweredcentre.com

So, while Bungee is currently only available in Midland, Perth, no need to worry; we’ve brought you some alternative workouts to keep your fitness routine exciting. Let’s explore a variety of other aerial exercises available in Western Australia.

Air Space Fitness Studio

Location: 626 Newcastle St, Leederville Western Australia

Class Description: Air Space Fitness Studio, located in Leederville, Perth, offers a range of aerial workouts, including AirYoga. This full-body strength and flexibility-building workout incorporates the use of aerial hammocks, providing a unique experience. It’s suitable for participants of all experience levels.


  • AirYoga: A full-body workout that uses aerial hammocks to improve strength and flexibility. Suitable for all experience levels.
  • AirSupremacy: An upper-body workout utilizing gymnastic rings to build strength and improve mobility.
  • Handstands 101: Develop the strength, balance, and flexibility required for impressive handstands.
  • Challenge Class: A high-intensity interval training class with a focus on fundamental exercises and efficient weight loss.
  • Flexibility Training: Enhance flexibility and lower body strength.


Heather Lord: “We are so lucky to have this beautiful studio in Perth. The owner and staff really know their stuff. I’ve loved every class I’ve done here.”

JayJay Suppa Tatt: “Highly recommended, the coaches are super professional. A great experience, unlike other normal fitness.”

Pricing: Air Space Fitness Studio offers various pricing options, including memberships and flexi-passes as follows:

bungee fitness perth western australia prices

For detailed plans & pricing, you can visit their pricing page.

Contact Information:
Phone # +61 488 850 961

Official Website: www.airspaceperth.com.au

Wrapping Up

Perth stands as a hub for exhilarating and innovative fitness experiences. With its bungee fitness studios, you can elevate your workout routine to new heights, literally. Offering a unique blend of flying, dancing, and strengthening exercises, these studios cater to both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts alike. So, if you’re looking for a thrilling way to stay fit and have fun, look no further than the bungee fitness scene in Perth

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