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bungee fitness NYC

Repeating the same exercises at the gym becomes boring, leading many people to lose interest over time. However, a novel dancing and jumping exercise is making waves in the city, standing head and shoulders above the rest in terms of both results and enjoyment. It’s incredibly fun and offers the opportunity to explore new moves every time you wear the harness.

This workout comes with numerous benefits, helping you achieve a lean figure while having a blast. It’s gentle on your joints and delivers remarkable calorie-burning results. Thanks to bungee jumping, you can now experience the joy of weightlessness while engaging in a vigorous cardio workout.

Top Bungee Fitness NYC Studios

So, if you’re intrigued by this HIIT workout, this article is here to guide you in finding an adaptable sling Bungee Fitness studio in New York city that aligns with your fitness goals. We’ll be digging deep into the details of each bungee studio’s class, including instructors, schedules, and pricing.

1. Fly To Fit Bungee Fitness Studio

Location: 1814 Central Avenue, Colonie, New York

fly to fit bungee fitness nyc

Description of Class: If you weigh 300 lbs or less, you’re eligible to join Fly to Fit Bungee, which offers Bungee Fitness classes for both adults and kids. Please remember to bring your own water bottle, as it can save you from incurring the additional cost of buying one at the studio.

Instructors: At FLY TO FIT Bungee Fitness NYC, you’ll be guided by experienced instructors: Shay Allen, Rebecca Roe, Suzanne Shepard, and others. Check their schedule and book an introductory class first.

Bungee Programs: They offer a variety of bungee programs, ranging from basic to advanced, including group fitness, private training, and exclusive classes for children. So, if you’re planning to join, you can enroll in any of the following bungee programs:

  • Bungee 101: A 45-minute strengthening workout.
  • Yoga Bungee: Yoga with an attached bungee for exploring new postures.
  • Tabata Bungee: A 30-minute bungee jumping session with intensified fat-burning exercise.
  • Toning Bungee: Sculpt your body by combining bungee exercises with weights for muscle toning.
  • TRX Suspension: Utilize TRX suspension straps to enhance flexibility, strength, and stability.
  • Bungee HIIT: A 30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training for improved endurance and strength.
  • Dance Bungee: Enjoy 45 minutes of dancing and shaking, all while attached to a bungee.
  • Bungee Fly: A mix of fun and calorie burning, offering 30 minutes of enjoyable workout.
  • Bungee Cardio Kickboxing: Engage your hands and legs while jumping on a bungee for a high-intensity 30-minute workout.

Testimonials: We’ve gathered some reviews from social networks about FLY TO FIT Bungee Fitness NYC studio, and here’s what we found:

“Wow! This is an absolute blast and an excellent workout. Tina is an incredible instructor, and they offer a wide range of classes. I gave Bungee 101 a shot, and I’ll certainly return for more.” – Amber Williams.

“ Shay Allen stands out as an exceptional instructor, infusing Bungee Fitness with enjoyment and making it a worthwhile investment.” – Maureen Grant-Melendez.

Class Schedule: Classes run from Monday to Saturday. The schedule is subject to change weekly. Check their weekly schedule on their official website. 

Contact Information: 
Phone # (518) 608-5083
Official Website: www.flytofitbungee.com

Plans & Pricing: 

Class Options Price Description
One Single Class $29 Single class booking.
4 FOR $40 $40 Includes bungee, TRX, and rebounder classes. For new clients only.
4 Classes a Month $76 (weekly cost: $19) Billed weekly. Access to 4 classes every month.
8 Classes a Month $116 (weekly cost: $29) Billed weekly. Access to 8 classes every month.
Unlimited Classes a Month $156 (weekly cost: $39) Billed weekly. Access to unlimited classes. Includes a Free Bungee party per year, 10% off all merchandise, and 4 FREE passes for friends. Requires a 6-month commitment.
Bungee Fitness Class for Kids $20 A fun-filled 45-minute Bungee class designed for kids.
One Class Per Week $69 per month Access to one class per week.
Two Classes Per Week $99 per month Access to two classes per week.
Unlimited Classes Per Month $139 Access to unlimited classes per month. Includes a FREE Bungee party per year and 3 FREE passes for your friends.
One-on-One Private Training $50 Personalized one-on-one training session.

2. OM Factory Bungee Fitness

Location: 873 Broadway 18th Street 2nd floor NYC

om factory bungee nyc

Description of Class: OM Factory, founded in 2006, has branches in USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Vietnam. OM Factory is a comprehensive workout facility for the residents of New York City. In addition to Bungee dancing they offer various types of yoga and aerial fitness classes at their studio.

Instructors: Barbara Gentile, an Italian native, is the dedicated instructor for OM Factory fitness classes. With 17 years of experience in the fitness industry, she conducts bungee dance classes at the OM Factory studio.

Bungee Programs: OM Factory offers two bungee programs:

  1. Bungee Open Level: This program is open to anyone looking to experience the exhilarating world of bungee jumping fun.
  2. Bungee Private Party: Book your exclusive bungee time and have the space all to yourself for maximum enjoyment.

Class Schedule: The class is held once a week on Fridays, commencing at 7:30 pm. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early, as the doors will be closed once the class begins.

Testimonials: Regrettably, we couldn’t find any reviews for the OM Factory Bungee Class. If you decide to give it a try, please do share your feedback with us in the comments.

Plans & Pricing:

  • New student starter pack starts at $100 per month (includes 4 classes).
  • Membership options are available with a starting price of $250 per month.
Contact Information:
Phone # 212-353-3500
Official Website: www.omfactory.yoga

3. Flyte Bungee

Location: 6-C Red Schoolhouse Road Chestnut Ridge NY

Description of Class: Explore an exciting aerobic workout at FLYTE Bungee Studio in Rockland County. In a single bungee jumping class, you can torch up to 800 calories. Please note that this studio is exclusively for women, so gentlemen seeking bungee dance classes should explore alternative options.

Instructors: Goldy R. and Mimi W. are the two skilled instructors at the FLYTE Bungee studio NYC. Mimi W. usually takes level 1 bungee class and Goldy R. takes the advanced one.

Bungee Programs: FLYTE offers two bungee programs, catering to both beginners and experienced participants. It’s worth noting that a minimum of three Level 1 classes is a prerequisite for progressing to the Level 2 class.

Testimonials: Trish Calabrese said, “Absolutely loved it! What a fantastic and enjoyable workout. I was quite apprehensive about giving it a go, but after the first class, I’m completely hooked!”

Emily Cole Young said, “It was remarkable. Can’t wait to come back for another class.”

Class Schedule: Please be aware that the schedule may undergo weekly changes, so it’s advisable to check the latest schedule before heading to the studio.

Contact Information:
Phone # 845-445-8666
Official Website: www.flytebungee.com

Plans & Pricing:

Classes Prices Description
First Time Offer $30 Buy your first class and the second one is free!
Drop-in Class $30 Join any one class of your choice.
3 Class Pass $85 A package of 3 classes.
5 Class Pass $135 A package of 5 classes.
10 Class Pass $225 A package of 10 classes.
Private Session $65 + $25 per additional Get a private bungee class for yourself or with up to 10 participants.
Bring Your Own Group $270 Come with a group of up to 10 people.

4. Studio Square S

Location: 165-19 Northern Blvd 2FL Flushing NYC

Description of Class: Studio Square S is the exclusive provider of bungee programs in Queens, NYC. Participants must be 16 years or older to attend bungee physio classes, and it is advisable to refrain from joining if you have any underlying medical conditions.

Instructors: Vivian B., a certified yoga trainer, leads the bungee classes at Studio Square S.

Bungee Programs: This studio offers a single bungee program designed for all participants. It begins with a warm-up session and is suitable for both newcomers and regular bungee dancers.

Class Schedule: Bungee Physio classes are held on Tuesdays at 10 AM and Wednesdays at 7 PM. Please check the latest schedule before visiting Studio Square S Bungee Fitness NYC.


Jordana Herman says: “The entire team of instructors admired me; they are highly knowledgeable and genuinely compassionate. The studio is impeccably maintained and equipped with a wide range of apparatus.:

Contact Information:
Phone # 917-745-7203
Official Website: www.studiosquares.com

Plans & Pricing: Membership packages are as follows:

  • 1 Class/Week: $79
  • 2 Classes/Week: $139
  • 3 Classes/Week: $169
  • 4 Classes/Week: $199

5. Go Bungee Fitness

Location: 200 Old Sunrise Highway Massapequa NYC

go bungee studios nyc

Description of Class: Go Bungee offers bungee dance training for a full body high resistance exercise. It elevates your heart rate and alleviates your calories. So, if you’re a dancing enthusiast and weigh below 240 lbs, learn the flying moves with Go Bungee.

Instructors: Nikki K. is the bungee trainer at Go Bungee. She takes both level 1 and level 2 bungee classes. 

Bungee Programs: 2 programs are designed: one for the beginners and the other for the seasoned fitness freaks. 

Class Schedule: Classes run from Monday to Saturday. Find the latest Bungee class schedule for the Go Bungee Fitness NYC studio at their official website.

Testimonials: “Took me three decades back in time, and it didn’t take much to get the hang of it. However, I need to focus on improving my speed. The class was incredibly enjoyable, radiating fantastic energy.” – Susan Redka.

“Fantastic class! I thoroughly enjoy step aerobics. The instructor demonstrated great skill and made sure I felt at ease.” – Lisa Milo.

Contact Information:
Phone # (516) 308-4111
Official Website: www.gobungeefitness.com

Plans & Pricing:

  • Drop-in Class: $25
  • GoBounce 5 Classes: $110
  • GoBounce 10 Classes: $180
  • GoBounce 20 Classes: $300.00
  • GoBounce Private Class: $300.00


Bungee fitness in New York city is observing immense craze of fitness enthusiasts, just like other cities. This guide comprehensively covers the Bungee fitness NYC studios and classes options. So, let’s get ready and enjoy the creative and fat burning workout routine. We’d appreciate your comment here on what you achieved in your bungee journey.

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