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bungee fitness columbus ohio

Take your fitness routine to new heights with the exhilarating and unique workout experience known as Bungee Fitness. Columbus, Ohio, is now home to a groundbreaking fitness facility, Firefly Bungee Studio. The only bungee jumping studio in Columbus. 

Here, fitness enthusiasts can defy gravity, challenge their limits, and soar into a dynamic world of health and excitement. This article will cover the only Bungee Fitness studio in Columbus Ohio, where the ordinary transforms into an extraordinary fitness adventure.

Bungee Fitness Columbus Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, has embraced the thrill of Bungee Fitness with open arms, boasting the presence of a pioneering Bungee workout facility, “Firefly Bungee Studio”. Owned by the passionate Natalie Cutshall, this studio is the go-to place for those looking to elevate their fitness routine in a fun and dynamic way.

bungee workout columbus

Class Description:

Firefly Bungee Studio offers a variety of Bungee classes catering to different fitness levels. The foundational class, Simplify (Level 1), serves as the starting point, introducing participants to basic techniques such as balance, squats, jumps, and burpees. 

For those ready to advance, Modifly (Level 2) takes the skills to the next level, offering more challenging routines. Additionally, the Bungee Burn class incorporates weights and booty bands for a comprehensive strength-building workout.


The studio provides a range of programs, ensuring participants can tailor their fitness journey to their preferences. From Bungee classes to Dance Fitness, Wake Up with Weights, and Total Body Ex-Press, there’s a program for every fitness goal.
Firefly Bungee Studio also offers personal training sessions, providing individualized attention to help clients achieve their fitness objectives.


Led by the experienced and certified instructors Natalie Cutshall, Marion, and Mandy, Firefly Bungee Studio ensures a safe and enjoyable workout environment. Natalie, the owner, brings over 16 years of fitness and dance expertise, making each session a blend of expertise and enthusiasm.


Heidi Newman recommends Firefly Bungee Fitness, stating, “Bungee fitness is by far the most fun I have ever had exercising! Natalie and her staff are top shelf.”

Ashley Smith echoes the sentiment, expressing love for the dance fitness class, emphasizing the vibrant atmosphere and the feeling of a party rather than a workout.


Classes at Firefly Bungee Studio are one hour long, with the first 15 minutes dedicated to sign-in, weighing, and safety procedures. Level 1 classes are approximately 45 minutes, while Levels 2 and 3 dive into more advanced routines.
It’s essential to pre-book all Bungee classes, Bootcamp, group, and individual training sessions to ensure optimal planning.

Plans & Pricing:

Firefly Bungee Studio offers various pricing options, including single class visits, packages of 3 and 5 Bungee classes, and special rates for Dance Fitness and Wake Up with Weights. Monthly unlimited packages are also available for all classes (excluding Bungee).

Contact Information:

Location: 3988 Alum Creek Dr., Columbus, OH 43207
Phone # +1 614-817-3709
Official Website: FireFly Bungee 

Prior to joining a class, make sure to download, print, and fill out the waiver available on their official website.


Now you can enjoy the HIIT workout in Columbus, Ohio. These details will help you make an informed decision. Elevate your fitness, have fun, and experience the joy of flying through Bungee Fitness!

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