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bungee fitness atlanta

If you’re bored with your current fitness routine and want to try something creative. Bungee Fitness Atlanta studio can give your search a break. An exciting full-body resistance workout that provides incredible results without causing fatigue to your joints. 

Equipped with a specialized harness and a springy sling, you will feel like you are flying high without wings. It’s the fun and pleasure that you can’t experience with the dumbbells only. Currently, Georgia has four Bungee Training facilities.

Top Bungee Fitness Atlanta Studios 

Atlanta is a hub for fitness enthusiasts, and this article is dedicated to the people of Georgia to help them find the best place to soar. This session will provide detailed information about Bungee Fitness Atlanta studios, covering not only the city of Atlanta but also other cities in the state of Georgia. It will include their schedule, instructors, contact information, and bungee pricing.

1. Sky Gym

Location: 403 Angier Ct NE, Atlanta, GA 

bungee training atlanta

Description: It’s the only aerial fitness studio in the city of Atlanta. Along with bungee, It has several other aerial fitness programs.

Programs: Though it’s not a typical bungee training studio but you can experience other Aerial fitness programs, such as:

  • Sling (Aerial Hammock)
  • Tails (Aerial Silks / Tissu/ Fabrics)
  • Rope (Corde Lisse)
  • Trapeze (Dance/Single Point)
  • Lyra (Aerial Hoop)
  • Aerial Straps (Multi-levels Offered)
  • Sky Yoga (Aerial Yoga)
  • Sky Fit (Conditioning for Everyone!)
  • Junior Sky (ages 6-11)

Testimonials: Barb A. looked satisfied with Sky Gym, expressing, “This morning, I had a great session at the Bungee Studio of Sky gym. The studio is exceptional and the instructor was supportive and understanding.”

Contact Information: 
Phone # +1 (678) 775-8759
Official Website: www.theskygym.com

2. Studio Bungee

Location: 105 Village Walk, Suite 185, Dallas GA

bungee fitness classes in atlanta

Description of Class: Studio Bungee Fitness is a unisex bungee studio in Dallas, providing a unique opportunity for partners to enjoy this exceptional workout. It’s the sole bungee fitness destination in the city, ideal for those aiming to burn more than 1000 calories in just 30 minutes.

While Bungee Fitness Atlanta is a fantastic option, it’s worth considering other choices within the state of Georgia, with Studio Bungee being one of them.

Instructors: Christal McNair, the founder and instructor at Studio Bungee Fitness Atlanta, leads the classes alongside Rachel Evans and Victoria McNair, sharing their expertise in the world of bungee fitness.

Bungee Programs: They offer sessions suitable for candidates of all fitness levels, including Introductory, Beginners, Intermediate, Senior Bungee, and Dance Bungee classes. As a general rule for newcomers, the introductory class is a must to get started on the right foot . 

Testimonials: “One-of-a-kind workout! Excellent facility! The owner was a pleasure to collaborate with! The instructor displayed impressive expertise, offered valuable assistance, and truly motivates each participant in the class!” – Chris M.

“My morning session at Studio Bungee was absolutely fantastic! The studio boasts a captivating ambiance, the instructor displayed remarkable expertise, and the workout was genuinely enjoyable!” – Barb A.

Class Schedule: Studio Bungee operates from Monday to Saturday, with class timings adjusted as per bookings and requirements. To check this week’s program schedule, visit their official website.

Contact Information:
Phone # 678-337-1827
Official Website: www.studiobungee.com

3. Fly Fit 

Location: 25 Depot Street, Hartwell, GA

Bungee fitness hartwell

Description of Class: Experience the ultimate stress-relieving and muscle-toning workout at FLY FIT Bungee Fitness Atlanta studio. They offer a variety of bungee classes, private sessions, and exciting events suitable for both adults and children above the age of 3.

Instructors: At FLY FIT Bungee Studio, Miyana, Brianna, and Kari Clarke will teach you the art of dancing with bungee cords. 

Bungee Programs: FLY FIT provides a range of bungee group sessions, private classes, birthday parties, girls-only nights out, and other fun opportunities. Top offerings include drop-in classes, monthly packages, and more.

Testimonials: “I highly suggest Fly Fit for your children’s birthday parties! We celebrated my son’s 5th birthday at Fly Fit, and all the kids had so much fun. They were kept engaged and entertained throughout the event. The staff was exceptionally kind and incredibly helpful in ensuring the kids were safely harnessed up. The venue provided ample space for the kids to run around and enjoy themselves.” – Taylor Rene.

“We had a great time during our bungee exercise class tonight. I’m sure we’ll be feeling it tomorrow, but I can’t quite tell if it’ll be from the workout or the non-stop laughter. I wholeheartedly recommend Keri Clark as your instructor!” – Nancy Gaines McGaha.

Class Schedule: Adult bungee class runs every Friday at 6 PM. However, you can book a private session on a date of your preference.

Plans & Pricing:

Plan TypePrice Range
Drop-in Classes$10 – $13.50
(One-time registration fee)$25
Monthly SubscriptionsStarting at $40 (excluding registration fee)
Private Bungee SessionsStarting at $20/person
Small Bungee Party (2 hours)$125
Full Bungee Party (3 hours)$250
Contact Information:
Official Website: www.flyfithartwell.yolasite.com

4. Bungee Boogie Fitness

Location: 103 Temple Ave Newnan, GA 

Description of Class: This studio recently launched its classes in November 2023, right here in Newnan, GA. Here, you can experience the benefits of low-impact, high-intensity cardio. After this invigorating HIIT workout, you’ll not only feel physically refreshed but also experience a rejuvenation of your mental well-being. 

Instructors: Jessica, the founder, is also the dedicated trainer at Bungee Boogie Fitness Studio.

Bungee Programs: The programs consist of Demo classes, followed by regular bungee dance classes, with options for both half-hour and one-hour sessions.

Class Schedule: Demo classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays, with each session lasting 45 minutes. For this week’s schedule, be sure to visit their official website.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]  

Official Website: www.bungeeboogiefit.com

Plans & Pricing: 

Class TypePriceDescription
Demo Class$25 + Free ShirtRequired before regular bungee fitness courses. Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Regular Bungee Fitness$25After Demo Class, join us for regular sessions. Duration: 30 to 40 minutes.
10 Class Package$160Commitment pays off! Save $90 with this package. Must be used within 6 months.
2 Classes per Week$100/monthAttend an unlimited number of classes monthly, paid every month.
3 Classes per Week$110/monthEnjoy 8 classes monthly, paid every month.
Unlimited Classes Monthly$130/monthAttend an unlimited number of classes monthly, paid on a monthly basis.


Bungee fitness in Atlanta is gaining popularity and spreading even further. This guide takes you through the studios in the state of Georgia because, as of now, Atlanta does not have enough bungee studios. So, let’s try bungee dance and experience the feelings of weightlessness as we soar high with the sling bungee.

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